Architectural Digest Magazine

Architectural Digest Magazine

Published Seasonally 11 issues per year

Architectural Digest is an architecture magazine that is devoted to beautiful homes and architecture, as well as interior design and your favorite designers.

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About Architectural Digest

Founded and first published in 1920, Architectural Digest magazine has been granting its readers an exclusive look into some of the most beautiful homes around the world. Through vivid photography and well-written stories, you'll learn about architecture, what it takes to design a home, and will even be able to get up close and personal with interior and architectural designers.

Some of the most popular reader-favorite sections in every issue include "Discoveries," featuring a recap of the best finds in style, design and culture; "Shopping: Most Wanted," which showcases must-have items for your home; Art scene," which delivers an introduction artists and the work they do; "Auctions: Exchange Rate," providing key auction results and fascinating finds; "Travels," which offers recommendations on great restaurants in a different destination; and "Estates on the Market," which profiles a luxurious home that's worth dreaming about.

There are special features and issues published throughout the year. These may include titles like "Before & After," "Designers' Own Homes," and the ever-popular issue titled "The AD100," which is a list of top architects and designers in the industry. If you appreciate beautiful homes, interior design, and architecture, you'll love a subscription to Architectural Digest magazine!

Issues Per Year: 11
Estimated Delivery: 6-12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Seasonally
Publisher Name: Conde Nast Publications

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Customer Reviews


Architectural Digest Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
Hi. I’m Patricia Lopez.
For me, there’s no better feeling after a hectic day than coming home. Our homes are our little sanctuaries in this crazy world and I, for one, am always looking for inspiration for ways to make my home an even more peaceful and rejuvenating place.

But I’m not a designer and that’s exactly where Architectural Design magazine works so well for me. I’m not the type to just walk into a space and have a complete vision of how to perfectly transform it into the ideal room. I think my friends who do design homes and spaces for a living may have gotten a little tired of me bombarding them with questions all the time so one of them dropped off an issue of Architectural Design.

I was a bit surprised when I paged through the issue as I assumed it was a magazine for Architects, but it really does cover the full-spectrum of home design including both architecture and interior design.

What first struck me was the incredible amount of great imagery in each issue. I’m a very visual person and love how the pages of Architectural Digest are filled with great photography of homes and spaces. I even find the ads useful and inspirational!

While most of us can probably only dream of owning some of the incredible homes featured in each issue, the amount of real and achievable ideas you are able to get for your own space after paging through Architectural Digest magazine is what excites me. That makes the magazine a great read both for professional architects and designers as well as people like me who like to think we know what we’re doing to our own spaces.

I also have to mention that I love that Architectural Digest doesn’t focus on one particular style. There could be one piece focusing on a streamlined modern design in a big city high rise, to a rustic retreat or a feature of a design inspired by a recent trip to Indonesia. The most recent issue I read even featured an in-depth look into the inspiration and process behind the design and French accents of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s new Los Angeles home.

At around $2 an issue, has some great subscription deals for Architectural Digest. So whether you do it for a living or you’re doing it for yourself, an Architectural Digest subscription is a great way to find inspiration.