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About Bible Study Magazine

Bible Study Magazine is a religious-based news publication focused on furthering the education and outreach of faith leaders and community members. It delivers the teaching tools, methods and processes necessary for successful Bible study and ministry, sharing insights from respected voices in the church, such as pastors, professors, biblical scholars and more.

Bible Study Magazine is a non-denominational, biblical-focused publication of Faithlife, the maker of Logos Bible Software, featuring high-quality content for faith leaders, scholars and community members. The magazine aims to further the education and outreach of biblical studies by taking readers deeper into God's Word through Scripture.

Editorial content includes teaching ways to develop and nurture a multiethnic church community; understanding international issues concerning outreach and education; expressing inspiring personal stories; sharing portraits of church communities from around the world; and delving deep into interpretations of biblical teachings from various viewpoints and how they may shape people's lives today.

Each issue also includes such articles as pastor profiles, author interviews and stories of individuals whose engagement with Scripture has shaped their thinking and defined their ministries.

Faith-based teachers and biblical scholars with a passion for Scripture would love a subscription to Bible Study Magazine.

5.0 star rating

Bible Study Magazine

Bible Study Magazine is a great magazine and low price. The articles will help with your Bible study. It is produced by Logos Bible Software and has the company reputation backing it. Logos is great and Bible Study Magazine is awesome with articles from a variety of Christians.


5.0 star rating

This is a very good resource for the Christian

If you are a bible student, then you'll like Bible Study Magazine magazine. It's put out by Logos Bible Software, and it's very well done. Easy on the eyes, logically laid out, with really nice graphics. The content is top notch, the writers and editors know their subjects well. You'll find bible studies, puzzles, fun facts, bios, and just a lot of useful information for someone who loves God's word. The articles run from pretty technical (not often) to a mixture of tech and mainstream. I tend to like extremely tech stuff even if a lot of it is over my head, so I'm somewhat biased. I'd say give this a try, I think you'll really get a lot out of it.