Summer Reading List: Our Favorite Golf Publications

Few activities feel as simultaneously relaxing and sophisticated as the game of golf. Hitting the green can make an otherwise ordinary summer day feel special. The beauty of the golf course setting is indescribable, as is the thrill of hitting the fairways or sinking a putt.

If you're eager to up your game, you don't necessarily need to visit your local golf course on a daily basis. Life gets busy, and sometimes, you only have a few minutes to dedicate to personal improvement. Hence, the value of golf magazines, which help you enhance your skill and knowledge in short order.

Reading golf magazines can be just as satisfying as actually playing - and you don't need to dress up, manage equipment, or even get out of bed to have a great time. Although wonderful year-round, reading about golf is especially fun in the summer. Bring a few issues to your next sunbathing session or on the airplane as you travel to your next golf destination.

There are a ton of different golf magazines to pick from, but which one is the best? Keep reading to find out!


An iconic title,Golf appeals to novices and experts alike. This magazine is full of actionable insights, such as equipment reviews, how-to articles, and suggestions from today's top athletes. Recommendations for golfing locations, gear, and clubs abound, as do statistics and commentary on the golfing lifestyle. The magazine's well-known roundups are extensive so that you can better understand the many golfing opportunities available today.

While technical recommendations are often provided, Golf also delves into the mental component of the game. Interviews with top golfers often include gems on how to improve mental fortitude. Lighthearted content is also abundant, so you can find a much-needed source of escape when you're unable to immediately head to your local golf course. This magazine is released every month, so you never need to wait long for new content.

Golf Digest

For decades, Golf Digest has been one of the world's most read and respected golfing magazines. The publication continues to boast an outstanding reputation, including extensive praise for its detailed coverage of the PGA and the LPGA. Legendary golfers are regularly referenced in feature stories, as are up-and-coming athletes who deserve extra recognition.

Tutorials are heavily featured in every issue of Golf Digest. A few minutes of reading may be all it takes to up your game. Many of these guides are tailored to help beginners ace the basics, although there is also plenty of high-level advice for top athletes. All types of golfers will benefit from the detailed equipment reviews, which provide much-needed insight before making any significant investments in golf gear.

Perhaps the best reads in each issue involve the docu-style articles and interviews, which provide an inner glimpse at the lives of golf stars. This insider info can make even the most casual golfers feel like they are fully in the loop.


Self-described as the go-to resource for "The Best of Golf," LINKS is the preferred publication for highly passionate golfers. Many appreciate the magazine's in-depth coverage of unexpected yet important topics that are often neglected elsewhere. The content is best described as sophisticated, with upscale golf architecture and real estate discussed in detail.

While the stories published in LINKS are fascinating, many subscribers are most impressed by the magazine's evocative photography. The stunning photos found in each issue will quickly have you itching to hit up your favorite golf course. There's no better source of inspiration for your next golfing expedition.

Sports Illustrated

No, it's not exclusively dedicated to golf, but Sports Illustrated remains a great read for enthusiasts who want insight into the latest happenings in the golf world. Over the years, several of the magazine's most iconic covers have featured the world's most accomplished golfers. Expert coverage of events such as The Masters can be enjoyable to read, as can profiles of up-and-coming stars with great promise on the green.

Sports Illustrated is best suited to well-rounded readers who love golf as much as they love other athletic activities. Plus, if your kids have become interested in golf and other sports, encourage them to read Sports Illustrated Kids. This is a surprisingly educational read, with concepts such as math, science, and even ethics incorporated to help children think critically about the sports they adore.

Check Out the Best Golf Magazines

From golf-specific magazines to comprehensive sports publications, you should have no trouble finding extensive coverage of all that's happening on the green these days. There is no shortage of golf coverage, as you'll discover while browsing our sports and recreation magazine collection.

Treat yourself to a fascinating read that's just as enjoyable as a leisurely day at a legendary golf course. The more magazines you subscribe to, the more you'll fall in love with the game. You might find that the time you dedicate to reading your favorite golfing magazine makes you a better athlete.