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The Best Magazines for Kids (Instead of Screens, Tablets, & Ipads)

Screen time is a major concern among modern parents, and for good reason: A growing body of research suggests that excessive exposure to mobile devices can lead to both academic and mental health struggles. Unfortunately, tearing kids away from those devices can be incredibly difficult.

The solution? Provide plenty of compelling content that doesn't require a screen to access. Books are a great option, of course, but when kids need entertainment, few choices beat the traditional children's magazine. The following are a few of the best options for blending fun and learning:

National Geographic Kids

Encourage your children to embrace the natural world with help from National Geographic Kids. As the children's edition of one of the world's most prestigious magazines, this publication appeals most to elementary-aged kids who love the outdoors.

One look at this magazine's adorable cover photos, and it's easy to see the appeal. However, the magazine includes engaging content beyond the compelling covers, such as jokes, puzzles, and fun facts. Several easy projects are also provided to deliver an active learning experience.

While National Geographic Kids is recommended for children ages six and up, younger readers can page through the appropriately named National Geographic Little Kids. This edition simplifies content to make it easier for the youngest nature lovers to learn about their favorite animals.

Sports Illustrated Kids

Athletic children adore Sports Illustrated Kids, which offers cutting-edge insights that reflect the adult version of the magazine ? but in a format that's easier for younger readers to understand and enjoy. In addition to sports news and analysis, this jam-packed magazine includes games, puzzles, and comics. It's chock full of educational content but never feels patronizing.

Primarily meant for preteens and young teenagers, Sports Illustrated Kids demonstrates the power of athletics to transform lives. The magazine often features young athletes with inspiring stories. Actionable advice is also provided, so young readers can take the steps needed to improve their game. Along the way, they'll discover why character matters in modern athletics ? and what it means to be a good teammate.


For generations, Highlights has provided "fun with a purpose." This beloved children's magazine is known for its iconic activities and monthly features. Hidden Pictures, for example, are sure to keep young readers entertained. Comics and science projects are also effective for blending fun and education. No matter which features they favor, kids will love getting in on a magazine tradition that has remained cherished nearly eight decades since the publication was first released.

The traditional Highlights magazines designed for elementary school students tend to receive the most attention ? to the point that some parents are unaware that specific editions are also available for younger children. High Five, for example, provides cheerful stories that appeal to preschool and kindergarten students, while Hello gets babies and toddlers exposed to the literary lifestyle as early on as possible.

Girls' World

Girls' World offers a wealth of content curated with tweens in mind, from crafts to party planning and in-depth stories. Every feature is meant to empower girls. The magazine's stories are also deeply interesting and entertaining, so readers will have no trouble getting absorbed in the pages of their favorite publication.

As the most recently launched magazine on this list, Girls' World was initially designed to recognize the many challenges that today's girls face. These range from body image to bullying ? and few are discussed with girls as often or as honestly as necessary. In Girls' World, however, these and other issues are addressed so that young readers will find them compelling. They'll emerge feeling better prepared to take on the many obstacles and opportunities that childhood and adolescence will throw their way.

Children's Magazines: Embracing the Joy of Literacy

No matter your children's interests or personality, they can benefit from receiving regular magazines meant exclusively for them. The publications highlighted above could be key to improving your children's reading and critical thinking skills while also fostering them with an appreciation for all things literary. Don't miss this opportunity to build reading into their daily lives at Magazines.com.