Best Magazines for Political Enthusiasts

As an engaged citizen, you're committed to keeping up with the latest developments in our nation and around the world. At first glance, this effort seems easy. We're living through the information age, after all, with the news only a click or a swipe away. In reality, however, sorting through all these stories can be challenging and, at times, downright frustrating.

When every story seems to have an angle, how can you know what's actually happening? Add the inaccurate information that pervades so many news sources, and you may feel hopeless about your prospects for remaining fully informed. But, if you know where to look, excellent resources are still available. Chock full of high-quality analysis from researchers, policymakers, and other experts, political magazines are among the best options for getting in the know.

We are proud to offer a blend of easy-to-read and in-depth politics magazines that promote a wonderful civic education for all. These publications dive into various pressing issues that impact readers from all backgrounds. Not sure which are worthy of your subscription list? We've highlighted several of the best American political magazines below:

Washington Examiner

Eager to learn the ins and outs of Washington? Look to the Washington Examiner, which digs deep with investigative reporting and detailed analysis. Focused primarily on the inner workings of the federal government, this magazine clues you in on all that is happening at the White House and in Congress.

Keep in mind that the Washington Examiner is widely regarded as having a conservative slant. If you intend to develop a complete understanding of the news, consider adding this particular magazine into a lineup that includes alternative perspectives. It can fit wonderfully into a far-reaching selection of the best political magazines.

The Kiplinger Letter

If you read the monthly publication Kiplinger's Personal Finance but would like to supplement this with breaking coverage, you'll want to subscribe to The Kiplinger Letter. Covering a variety of news stories from a finance-oriented perspective, this magazine specializes in economic forecasting. Its easy-to-consumer newsletter format provides a thorough overview of the most significant shifts in the markets and the business world in general.

The Kiplinger Letter produces the perfect middle ground between breaking news and occasional coverage. Its publication schedule gives journalists more than enough time to investigate stories thoroughly, thereby granting a broader sense of perspective that may be lacking in the stories published right after a major event. Still, this magazine is released often enough to qualify as a news source. From investing to the housing market and even global affairs, this insightful publication provides all the coverage you need and is therefore perfect for your political magazine lineup.

TIME Magazine

As one of the most popular magazines for politics, TIME Magazine is fun and easy to read, making it a solid option for your public transit commute or the waiting room at the doctor's office. While this particular publication covers a variety of cultural and entertainment topics, political concerns are a common source of inspiration for the magazine's most notable stories.

The annual Person of the Year edition is an especially enjoyable read; this issue clues you in on inspiring figures you may not have realized were shaking up politics, arts, or education. Other stories demonstrate how text-based commentary and evocative photographers can shape your understanding of politics and current events. Join tens of millions of subscribers for exceptional and entertaining coverage.

Fortune Magazine

Focused on news from the corporate world, Fortune Magazine covers everything from emerging startups to longtime business leaders. The magazine's sections highlight the evolution of tech in business and corporate mergers and investing insights. All this is interspersed with commentary and advice to help you make decisions at the professional level and for your financial situation.

Fortune's special issues and rankings are worth checking out, as they discuss the most admired companies, the best companies to work for, and a variety of other important considerations. Lists such as the Fortune 500 and the Fortune Global 500 are downright iconic. While this coverage gets the most attention, you'll also find great information in the everyday sections from each issue of Fortune.

Foreign Affairs

While most of the magazines highlighted above touch on global politics in some capacity, they are primarily dedicated to domestic concerns. It's essential to keep in the know about developments at the state and federal level, of course, but these concerns ultimately tie into broader affairs that span the entire globe. Hence, the necessity of international coverage from political magazines such as Foreign Affairs.

Published by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Affairs highlights a wide range of opinions while always emphasizing factual information. A broad spectrum of global concerns is discussed in each issue, including thought-provoking topics such as cybersecurity and global health. The concept of globalization is also a frequent area of discussion. A Foreign Affairs subscription could provide a considerable boost to your understanding of global developments.

Do yourself and your community a favor by investing in a foreign policy magazine subscription. The more you research politics at the domestic and global levels, the more confident you'll feel as you head to the polls. You owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can from the best political resources. Our political magazines won't let you down.