Top 10 Sports Magazines

As a sports enthusiast, you love to keep active — or watch others do so. In the rare event you manage to sit still, you invariably find yourself flipping the channel to ESPN or picking up a memoir from your favorite athlete. These are two excellent options for keeping up to date with the latest happenings in the sports world, but you can find even more in-depth coverage within the pages of a sports magazine. From football and baseball to hunting and even boating, these publications bring compelling content to your mailbox.

No matter which type of athletic activities you find compelling, you can be treated to a wealth of content from writers who are just as passionate as you are. Top magazines cover a variety of sporting events, ranging from the big games you watch on TV to lesser-known pursuits that rarely receive the coverage they deserve. Subscribe to these excellent publications to take your sports knowledge to the next level:

1. Sports Illustrated

No sports magazine collection is complete without Sports Illustrated. This iconic title commands major respect throughout the world of athletics, and for good reason: It provides the most insightful coverage and the best interviews. The remarkable action photography alone makes this treasured magazine worth browsing.

2. Sports Illustrated for Kids

Youngsters who adore all things sports will love the youth-oriented version of Sports Illustrated, which breaks down the hottest athletic happenings in a way that younger readers can understand. The magazine is never patronizing, but it does feel uniquely compelling to kids who love sports.


While Sports Illustrated delves into various athletic pursuits, there's something to be said for more targeted coverage that focuses on your activity of choice. Hence, the appeal of SLAM, which is exclusively dedicated to basketball. This magazine is meant for young adults and provides everything from slam dunk analysis to sports fashion coverage.

4. Golf Digest

Take your golfing to the next level with help from Golf Digest, which provides both actionable advice and details about today's most impressive golfers. This golf magazine is known for its detailed reviews, helping you select the best equipment and top courses and clubs so you can plan for the perfect golf outing.

5. Golf

Another essential read for golf lovers, this appropriately named publication offers a wealth of insider information. Interviews with the pros help you understand what gives the greatest athletes an edge. If you're struggling with technique, you can count on this magazine's detailed how-tos for insight.

6. Pro Wrestling Illustrated

Dive into the latest news from the professional wrestling circuit as you get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most fascinating and intense sports imaginable. This pro wrestling magazine will inform you of up-and-coming stars while also providing insight from familiar names. Competition schedules are conveniently provided, so you'll always know which big events are around the corner.

7. The Ring

You can't call yourself a serious boxing fan until you've subscribed to The Ring. An iconic boxing magazine for a full century, this publication offers the best previews for upcoming bouts, along with ringside coverage you'll find intriguing. From modern Olympic athletes to historic boxers, you'll learn all about the sport's most inspiring figures.

8. Baseball Digest

As America's longest-running magazine dedicated to baseball, this popular publication covers all things MLB. You'll also find details about amateur baseball and the minor leagues, making it that much more exciting when you see up-and-coming stars enter the major leagues. If you're a stats-minded fan, get ready for in-depth analyses of batting averages and ERAs.

9. Runner's World

As an endurance athlete, you understand that the mental component of your sport is just as important as physical fitness. You'll find help for both elements of your athletic ambition from Runner's World. From nutrition tips to training plans, you'll discover everything you need to prepare for your next big race.

10. Tennis

Since the 1950s, this magazine has been regarded as one of the world's top resources for tennis players and coaches. It also appeals to casual fans who love learning about the sport's exceptional athletes and the tournaments in which they compete. Highlights include tennis racket reviews, athlete rankings, and advice for playing on different courts.

Level Up Your Game With Sports Magazines

Whether you're a committed athlete or a dedicated fan, you'll find a lot to love about today's best sports magazines. Subscribe to several, and you'll never be left wanting sports coverage.