5 Woodcraft Magazines to Help You Become a Better Woodworker

Whether you've just gotten started with woodworking as a hobby or have been a master of the craft for many years, subscribing to a woodcraft magazine is a great way to stay on top of changing trends and innovations. There are a handful of great woodcraft magazines that can help you learn new techniques and even spark ideas for your next project. Not sure where to begin when it comes to choosing and subscribing to a woodcraft magazine that best suits your interests? We've got you covered with some recommendations!

Fine Woodworking

Regardless of skill level, Fine Woodworking is an excellent publication for those interested in woodworking ? and has been a trusted source for many years. In this magazine, you'll find everything from project and design ideas to tips and even tool reviews. There are also plenty of helpful "how-to" articles that can walk you through any number of woodworking tasks, from setting up a functional workshop to creating the best workstation for your next project.

Woodworker's Journal

If you're looking for more step-by-step woodworking tutorials and project ideas, you'll definitely want to check out Woodworker's Journal for yourself. This publication comes out bi-monthly and features a wide range of detailed project tutorials with plenty of photos to help you visualize your work. This publication is also known for its easy-to-follow instructions, making this a great magazine for novice and experienced woodworkers.

Popular Woodworking Magazine

Seeking a woodworking publication that offers plenty of step-by-step project ideas and tips on selecting the right tools for the job? If so, then a subscription to Popular Woodworking may be right for you. This magazine, which is published six times per year, offers excellent guidance on choosing the best woodworking tools for various projects. This includes anything from chisels and saws to power tools and hand planes. On top of that, this publication features many practical project ideas, including desks and shelving.

Woodcarving Illustrated

For many who get started with a hobby or even a career as a woodworker, woodcarving becomes a natural progression. This intricate art is a great way to expand your horizons ? and a magazine like Woodcarving Illustrated can be an excellent resource for learning new techniques. In this magazine, which is published four times per year, you'll also find plenty of inspiration for your next project ? along with beautiful photos of relief carvings, caricature carvings, and everything in between.

Wood Magazine

If you're seeking a more general publication covering a wide range of wood crafts and hobbies, Wood Magazine may be the right choice for you. This publication, which comes out seven times per year, is known for its in-depth project plans that provide step-by-step instructions along with high-quality photographs to walk you through each project. This magazine has been a favorite of woodworking hobbyists and professionals for more than three decades. It can be an excellent starting point for anybody interested in this type of work.

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