6 Christian Magazines for Teen Kids

Adolescence is a great (albeit tumultuous) time of physical and emotional growth. This is when teenagers discover who they are and who they might be in the future. However, teens and their parents often neglect their faith during this instrumental part of their lives. Caught up in the stress of school, extracurriculars, and family life, they simply feel too busy to dedicate a lot of thought or effort to their spiritual lives.

Committing to faith is not easy during adolescence, but those with strong spiritual lives will be quick to argue that this extra effort is more than worthwhile. Often, this means finding the right resources - ones that feel relevant and inspiring, of course, but also something easy to keep up with when life feels overwhelming.

While the Bible should always be the ultimate source of faith-based guidance, there's nothing wrong with supplemental reading. A variety of Christian publications promise to entertain, including many excellent magazines. However, finding the right Christian magazines for kids and teens can be tricky since there are a lot of options available.

Thankfully, there are many excellent Christian magazines for teens that should be relevant well into young adulthood and beyond. Whether you're currently a teenager or you're a parent hoping to make recommendations, you can expect to find thought-provoking content in these Christian magazines:

Modern Reformation

Finding the ideal Christian magazine can sometimes be challenging because so many perspectives and denominations exist. If you're still trying to figure out where you (or your child) belong within this spectrum of beliefs, you'll benefit greatly from reading the commentary in Modern Reformation. This magazine looks to a wide variety of pastors and scholars for insight. It originally began as a small bulletin but has since grown in scope to "carry the torch" for a concept known as theological thinking.

Many readers appreciate Modern Reformation?s structured approach. Every issue is divided into four main sections: Retrieve, Converse, Persuade, and Engage. Each portion aims to help readers think critically and theologically. There are tons of essays, book reviews, and poems, bringing subscribers of all ages a well-rounded collection of content to make every read both enjoyable and enlightening.

Today's Christian Living

Meant to encourage, equip, and engage, Today's Christian Living celebrates the capacity of faith to shape the lives of all types of people. It also highlights the exciting ways faith has impacted people?s lives. This bi-monthly magazine isn't exclusively targeted at teens, but its content is designed to engage readers of all ages.

The ultimate goal of this publication is to bring a Christian perspective to many areas of life, including everything from health and fitness to personal finances and humor. There are even inspiring quotes, jokes, and cartoons for when you need something lighthearted. If you're searching for other content, check out the book reviews and author spotlights.


Many young Christians are passionate about the intersection between faith and social justice. This is explored in detail in the influential magazine Sojourners, which brings a Christian perspective to various issues of the day.

Focused on faith in action, this award-winning magazine strives to answer the important question on the minds of all Christians: How do I apply faith to my everyday life? Diverse perspectives are emphasized, with a wide range of races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds represented in the magazine's features.

Christianity Today

Grounded in faith, this magazine focuses on the power of the gospel. Founded by the famed Billy Graham, this Christian magazine has been called "evangelicalism's flagship magazine." It's a globally-minded publication that aims to help readers think beyond their own congregation and consider the manifestations of faith on a wider scale.

A vast network of journalists, scholars, theologians, and artists contribute to this publication, providing a wealth of content that is sure to surprise and delight. Readers often think of themselves as faith-based influencers who hope to inspire others with biblically-based messages shared in all areas of life. This magazine should get Christians thinking critically about how they can make a difference by offering intriguing perspectives on civil rights, communal confession, and technology's influence on missions.


Younger teens aren't always ready to tackle the magazines highlighted above, which often delve into topics that don't feel relevant just yet. Thankfully, it's possible to find targeted coverage for this important stage of life.

Velocity is a wonderful resource for tweens and teens, as it features an uplifting tone and easily digestible content - but not patronizing. This magazine has an appealingly contemporary design that always feels fresh, plus coverage from many perspectives. Sunday themes are reinforced through a variety of Bible studies and fun features.

Take Out: Family Faith on the Go

Designed to engage the entire family, this publication should help kids grow in their faith as they enter adolescence. From children and teens to parents and even grandparents, all family members can - and should - check out each edition, as the covered activities are meant to be enjoyed together. This Take Out: Family Faith on the Go represents an exciting new take on Total Parish Catechesis, intended to bring Catholic families together in new and enjoyable ways.

The right resources can make a world of difference for today's young Christians, who should have every opportunity to explore and grow in their faith. Subscribe to several and enjoy them as a family - you'll come away with a richer understanding of the Bible and a greater desire to apply your faith to your daily life.