9 Christmas Magazines to Read this Holiday

The holiday season can feel like a whirlwind. With so many events on your social calendar, you might need help to stay organized or enjoy a moment alone. Me time doesn't seem all that important when there are so many memories to be made, but you'll be amazed by how rejuvenated you feel after paging through a magazine. Better yet: Dedicate that downtime to holiday magazines so you can relax and learn how to optimize your December schedule.

Whether you're ready to start shopping or need ideas to host the party of the year, you'll find tons of inspiration in today's top Christmas magazines. You'll also find ways to step back for a moment and actually relax. Get started by adding these publications to your holiday season reading list:

Real Simple

Promising foolproof holiday fun, Real Simple provides plenty of helpful hints to take the stress out of the holiday season. This goal takes center stage in the December issue and is prominent in special edition magazines. The Holiday Calm issue, for example, should help you carve out a few peaceful moments even when your schedule is crammed.

In addition to calming strategies and time-saving household hacks, Real Simple includes several fun projects worth trying, such as cookie recipes and easy-to-implement decor ideas. A short reading session will inspire you to embrace all that makes the holiday season special.

Country Living

Bring whimsical vibes to your annual festivities with help from Country Living. This is a comforting read no matter the season, but there's something truly special about the December edition. You'll fall head over heels for the seasonal recipes, not to mention the artisan gift ideas and winter-oriented gardening advice. Whether you currently maintain a rural lifestyle or simply enjoy the nostalgia of the cottagecore aesthetic, you'll always look forward to reading the winter issues of Country Living.

The New Yorker

If you struggle to find interesting topics of conversation while mingling at holiday parties, you're far from alone. While many of today's guests rely on social media for cues, you'll be far more likely to impress with topics gleaned from The New Yorker's December issues. While these don't focus exclusively on the holidays, there are hints of Christmas fun, such as thematic cartoons, satirical pieces, or even cover art.

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens is a household essential throughout the year, but its targeted advice becomes that much more helpful as the holidays draw near. This is where you'll go for inspiration on decorating, cooking, gift-giving, and more.

A variety of holiday-oriented special editions are offered in addition to the standard subscription so that you can find extra insight on everything from themed decor to cookie baking. Even if you don't use most of the advice in this classic magazine, reading it should make you feel relaxed and inspired.

Reader's Digest

If you need a break from all the decorating, baking, and socializing, you'll find it within the pages of Reader's Digest. Every issue is chock full of inspiring stories and chuckle-worthy anecdotes. These are especially fun to read during December. This is when even the most cynical readers are receptive to those trademark gushy stories. This publication is ideal for personal reading and a Christmas gift magazine subscription for loved ones.

House Beautiful

An annual shopping issue makes House Beautiful a go-to publication for the holiday season. This edition highlights all the best gifts to level up your home or help loved ones create an inviting interior space. As such, it's an excellent read if you're planning to host a holiday party. Even if you don't host this year, you'll find the season feels a lot more festive when you've implemented the suggestions from House Beautiful's holiday edition.

TV Guide

Sometimes, the best holiday memories are made while curled up in front of the television. TV Guide encourages these moments by calling attention to December's most festive programming. In the leadup to the holidays, this magazine will help you enjoy the best and brightest movies on Lifetime, plus Christmas shows on various other channels. Amid a whirlwind of holiday programs, you'll know which shows are worth watching - and which you can skip.

Good Old Days

Feeling nostalgic? It's only natural to pine for Christmas past. Indulge in those special memories as you browse the heartwarming stories from the unique magazine Good Old Days. Featuring photos and stories from the mid-1900s, this publication is perfect for seniors who want to reminisce - and for younger readers who want to know what the holidays of yesteryear were like.


Sometimes, what you need most during the holiday season is a bit of escapism. You'll find exactly that in People Magazine. This favorite includes extensive celebrity coverage and stories about the most inspiring people across the nation. This should provide a personal source of respite, but it'll also keep you in the know so that you have plenty to talk about at holiday parties.

Remember that People frequently publishes special edition magazines in the leadup to Christmas, including delightful roundups of holiday movies and TV programming. A subscription, however, will keep you in the know throughout the year.

When the hustle and bustle of the holidays have you feeling exhausted, treat yourself to a cozy session reading your favorite magazines. A few short moments of browsing your favorite magazines will give you the energy and enthusiasm to make it through this busy but delightful season.