Educational Magazines to Keep Your Children Reading This Summer

Little lives up to the excitement of a summer off from textbooks and homework - when you're a kid, that is. From the parent's perspective, summer often feels like a juggling act.

Not only do you need to find new ways to keep your kids cared for and entertained, but you also have to address the very real prospect of educational backsliding. It's a lot to handle, but one simple and affordable resource can make it easier: kids magazine subscriptions.

High-quality, kid-friendly reading material is nothing short of a dream come true for parents who struggle to keep their children exposed to the written word when so many other thrilling activities are available. Even kids who are typically reluctant to read are often happy to pick up the latest edition of their favorite child or tween magazines - especially if they contain vibrant pictures or fun activities.

The decision of whether to subscribe to student magazines should be a no-brainer. Now, you need to choose which publications to add to your subscription list. More is always better, as your kids will get through new issues quickly.

When in doubt, look to teachers for inspiration. The top magazines for classrooms also work wonders at home during the summer. A few favorites are described in detail below:

Ranger Rick

You'd love for your kids to spend more time exploring the great outdoors - but sometimes, the lure of their devices is just too great. If you want to get them reading more while also fostering a love of nature, you'll definitely want to subscribe to Ranger Rick on their behalf.

Published by the National Wildlife Federation, this awesome magazine is a truly sustainable option. It's constructed from eco-friendly processed paper, with vegetable oils used to produce the ink. However, if you're like most parents, you'll be primarily impressed by the sheer entertainment this magazine provides for kids and adults alike. Cute pictures alone make this animal magazine subscription more than worthwhile.


Do you plan on spending multiple days at the local zoo this summer? Prepare your family by subscribing to Zootles. This is yet another great magazine from the vast Ranger Rick collection. It's a wonderful complement to a zoo-filled summer but also ideal if you cannot spend as much time viewing global wildlife as you'd like.

Ideal for kids who are passionate about all kinds of animals, Zootles is chock full of photos and games, both of which are bound to pique your child's curiosity. It's primarily meant for preschool and kindergarten children but should still keep kids going into first or second grade happy.


Highlights has been a favorite for generations, and for good reason: It has captivating stories, funny anecdotes, and of course, the magazine's iconic Hidden Pictures. All this is bound to keep your kids entertained. Whether they browse Highlights as nighttime reading or save it for long road trips, they'll be glad to have a stack of these magazines to revisit whenever they see fit.

Don't forget to stock up on similar favorites for young children, such as Highlights High Five (for preschoolers) or even Highlights Hello (for babies or toddlers). Having established summer reading habits from a young age, your children will be more inclined to continue indulging in their favorite magazines as they hit elementary school and beyond.

Sports Illustrated Kids

Young athletes excited for basketball camp, youth football, or archery lessons will find a lot to love about the youth-oriented version of the famed Sports Illustrated. As one of the best tween magazines for athletic types, Sports Illustrated Kids tends to attract readers between the ages of eight and twelve.

This magazine proves that it's possible to parlay any interest into various academic pursuits. Sports Illustrated Kids covers everything imaginable from statistics to healthy eating advice - all to help readers become their best selves both on and off the field.


Commonly referred to as "The New Yorker for children," Cricket is a top option among parents who hope to broaden their children's horizons. This magazine is unique in that it features a regular cast of characters. These insect friends love to comment on each edition's articles. This adds depth to the reading experience by helping children better understand complicated terminology or new concepts.

Literature is the clear focus of this magazine, so be sure to subscribe if you struggle to get your children to read. Shorter pieces may feel more attainable at the moment, eventually prompting young readers to take the next step.

Girls' World

While many kids love taking time off of school, they sometimes miss the endless crafting potential that school activities provide. Others are sad to no longer show off their coolest outfits to the entire classroom.

Girls' World can bridge the gap by providing plenty of inspiration to keep kids happy until fall arrives. Perfect for tweens, this publication has all the DIY projects your daughter will need to keep her busy throughout the summer months.

No matter which topics captivate your kids, you should have no trouble finding magazines that they love to read all summer long. Don't neglect this opportunity to prevent the summer slide. You'll be impressed by just how literary they are when school returns.