Invest Smarter With the Best Magazines for Investors

You work hard for your income, but does your money work for you? Investing may feel overwhelming at times, but if pursued strategically, it ensures that you get the most from your income and assets. To make the best decisions for your situation, you need to be thoroughly informed on core investment strategies, not to mention the latest news from the fast-paced business world.

Many influential books promise to get you started on your investing education, but you'll also need of-the-moment reading materials that keep you in the know of the most important developments. To that end, it's worth your while to subscribe to the best investing magazines. Many excellent options are available, including several incorporating leadership and technological concepts. If you're short on time and want to make the most of each reading session, start with these essential magazines for investors:


Offering in-depth details on the corporate world, Fortune is a must-read for every type of investor. While reading cover-to-cover is your best bet for keeping up with news that's relevant to modern investing, you'll want to pay special attention to the helpful section on investing, where you'll get all the advice you need.

Keep an eye on the magazine's most impactful lists, such as the iconic Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000. Better yet, Fortune regularly publishes an Investor's Guide. This annual essential draws on insights from a panel of experts to prepare readers for the year to come.


It may be categorized as a tech magazine, but WIRED's developments have huge implications for your finances. Therefore, this should be a core component of any investing magazine collection. Its far-reaching coverage often centers around the impact of new technology on our lives and the economy. Its motto is simple yet illuminating: WIRED professes to be "where tomorrow is realized."


Keeping a close eye on the rising stars of the business world, Inc. is a crucial resource for determining which startups will most likely make their mark in the near future. This publication is beloved by small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, although everyday investors can also benefit from the in-depth coverage that its bi-monthly stories provide. Resources such as the Inc. 500 and the Inc. 5000 should help you better understand today's complex entrepreneurial landscape - and where it's headed.

Fast Company

While it's mainly intended for entrepreneurial readers, Fast Company provides excellent commentary that all types of investors will find beneficial. Focused on business innovations in a rapidly-evolving market, this publication delves into leadership principles, economics, and, of course, cutting-edge technology.

In addition to its six annual magazines, Fast Company releases several special editions that call attention to the most creative people and the most innovative companies. These will keep you ahead of important trends in the business world, which, in turn, can have a huge impact on your investment strategy.


If you need a basic breakdown of all things investing, this is the magazine for you. Offering easy-to-understand overviews of both simple and complicated topics, this digital resource will give you much-needed confidence as you make key financial decisions.

While reading, you'll learn about the financial components of retirement and might even gain some valuable takeaways about cryptocurrency. Instant delivery means you don't need to wait for Investopedia's sharp insights - you can start learning right away.

Financial Planning

From estate planning to fintech, Financial Planning is mainly intended as a resource for independent financial advisors. Its takeaways extend beyond professional wealth management, however, with oft-missed details on regulatory requirements and financial threats proving valuable insight for readers from all walks of life. Every page is packed with actionable information, so this magazine is a worthwhile read for serious investors and financial professionals.

No matter the scope of your investments or your plans for the future, you deserve access to relevant insights that help you make strategic decisions. If you subscribe to the best magazines for investing, you'll always feel confident in your financial decisions. Add a few to your reading list today - and get ready to reap the rewards.