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How to Stay Up to Date With the Latest Fashion Trends

The pace of fashion is relentless. It's fun to see all the new styles hit the runway, but establishing a personal wardrobe can be frustrating. As soon as you find a flattering look, new trends have already taken over - and your aesthetic is no longer as fresh as you previously assumed.

If you're determined to keep up - or, at least, avoid falling hopelessly behind - you'll want to seek inspiration from today's hottest fashion mavens. Social media helps, but nothing is quite as evocative as the glossy pages of a fashion magazine. The best publications are jam-packed with vibrant pictures of the latest styles. They include runway-worthy images and examples of how everyday readers can pull off the hottest looks.

After a brief reading session, you'll feel confident in your ability to make the most of your wardrobe - or you'll be inspired to hit the stores for a few new pieces. Add these fashion magazines subscriptions to your lineup to boost your style cred:

1. Vogue

Vogue is one of the most acclaimed fashion magazines of all time, and therefore, an essential publication for your collection. Beautiful runway images are prominent in this magazine, highlighting the fashion-forward looks donned by today's most influential models. Fashion week is covered in detail, as are other notable events that allow designers to show off the latest aesthetics.

Larger-than-life styles abound within the pages of this iconic magazine, where you can see new designs in their boldest, most iconic form. If you're not afraid to take on a vibrant look, you'll love emulating the styles you observe each month in Vogue Magazine.

2. InStyle

Celebrities play a prominent role in the popular fashion magazine InStyle, which uses the hottest stars from Hollywood and the music scene to show how various looks can be pulled off. Street style is a big deal for this magazine, making it a great resource when you want to see practical looks as they appear in the real world.

InStyle also provides insight into the future of fashion. As a result, reading will not only clue you in on what's big right now but will help you prepare for the trends right around the corner.

3. Cosmopolitan

While it's widely regarded as the go-to resource for navigating relationships and intimacy, Cosmopolitan also offers a wealth of fashion advice. Many of the styles displayed in this magazine are easily accessible, although some decidedly bold looks can also be found. While reading, you'll discover styles that help you impress your date or make you feel fierce all on your own.

4. Esquire

Fashion advice shouldn't be limited to female readers. Esquire inspires the most impeccably dressed men ? or those who hope to take on a more tailored look. Just a few minutes of browsing this high-class magazine will have you feeling ready to try out the hottest trends in male fashion.

Each month, an abundance of style and grooming advice can be found in Esquire Magazine. This publication also encourages any guy who wants to embrace a more fashion-oriented side of his personality but has previously lacked support.

5. Vanity Fair

As one of the best women's magazines for lifestyle news and advice, Vanity Fair offers a well-rounded look at fashion and beauty, plus coverage of various other intriguing topics. Addressing numerous aspects of contemporary culture, Vanity Fair includes interviews with a variety of celebrities, along with far-reaching content on current events.

Many special editions are published throughout the year to hone in on specific concepts of interest to readers. All versions of the magazine boast eye-catching imagery. These evocative graphics are not limited to fashion and beauty features but are interspersed throughout each publication.

6. Elle

Creative applications of fashion dominate in Elle, where you'll find an endless array of ideas for applying current trends to your own style sensibilities. This magazine can serve as the ultimate resource for defining and clarifying how fashion fits into your lifestyle.

Elle dives into the deeper meanings behind recent trends and classic style concepts. The result: uplifting content that is simultaneously accessible and aspirational. After you've read Elle, you'll realize that fashion isn't about mimicking others but rather showing off the best aspects of your personality.

There's no shortage of fashion magazines available to give your personal aesthetic a boost. Whether you opt for dedicated fashion publications or prefer well-rounded lifestyle magazines, you'll be glad to have such excellent advice in your mailbox (or inbox) each month. A little inspiration is all it takes to level up your look - and that inspiration is remarkably easy to find within today's top fashion magazines.