Time Magazine Authors You Will Love to Read This Year

TIME magazine may be a top news source and cutting-edge insights, but there's far more to the weekly magazine than current events coverage. It can also be a wonderful source of inspiration, especially as you expand your personal library. You can always feel confident in following TIME magazine writer recommendations, as they reflect not only the most talented individuals of our time but also highlight the best-written works that are truly enjoyable to read.

TIME releases a highly anticipated list of the year's best books and authors each year, complete with every genre and writing style imaginable. This list can serve as the basis of your expanding book collection. Below, we've highlighted a few of the most noteworthy TIME authors featured in the publication's landmark list, along with the remarkable works you'll want to read as soon as possible.

An Yu

Following the success of her debut Braised Pork, An Yu has returned with a decidedly surreal story in the impressive follow-up Ghost Music. Centered around the interactions of world-class pianists but oddly (and effectively) adding mushrooms to the mix, this book won't quickly be forgotten. An Yu's first novel received in-depth commentary in a previous issue of TIME - and with an even more memorable basis for the new read, further magazine features are all but guaranteed.

Salman Rushdie

Famed author Salman Rushdie has frequently been featured in TIME, so it should come as no surprise that his latest work Victory City is mentioned in the new list of must-reads. Featuring a 14th-century tale of the rise and fall of the eponymous Victory City, this saga is nothing short of epic. It provides fascinating takeaways that can easily be applied to modern society but still feels as enchanting as reading a fairytale.

Margaret Atwood

Another familiar name with an exciting new release, Margaret Atwood gets a spot among TIME's finest authors with her latest short story collection: Old Babes in the Wood, inspired by the pandemic era's struggles.

Atwood has frequently appeared in TIME, although often in connection with famed titles such as The Handmaid's Tale. With Old Babes in the Wood, her trademark style is as thought-provoking as ever but easy for those short on time to enjoy and understand. You can always dedicate a few minutes to a short story but don't be surprised if you're tempted to binge the entire collection.

Matthew Desmond

If you typically favor non-fiction, you're in luck: TIME highlights a variety of page-turners that provide in-depth commentary on topics that the magazine regularly covers within its glossy pages.

Pulitzer Prize winner Matthew Desmond gets a deserved spot on this list with Poverty, By America. This read may not be cheerful, but it's certainly compelling. As a passionate sociologist, Desmond is determined to help solve a problem that has persisted far too long. His thought-provoking insights are sure to spark change.

Jenny Odell

Another non-fiction selection worth checking out, Jenny Odell's examination of the human relationship with time provides a stark warning for readers from all walks of life: to improve our health, well-being, and long-term quality of life, we must rethink our conception of time.

This intriguing work builds upon concepts Odell first touched on in the remarkable How to Do Nothing, which delved into the perils of the attention economy. Now, she uses compelling vignettes to provide an inner look at how we lead our lives and a much-needed new perspective on urgent global issues.

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