What Are the Most Popular Magazines Today?

In a digital world, magazines tether us to a tradition worth holding onto. These days, reading a physical copy of your favorite publication is as satisfying as ever, especially if that magazine closely aligns with your interests.

While there are niche magazines for all types of readers, it's also worth your while to subscribe to general interest publications. These are among the most popular reads in print media, and for good reason: Their coverage is lighthearted, yet insightful.

Perhaps you're wondering, "Are magazines still popular?" The following publications prove that the answer is a resounding yes!


If you crave celebrity news but prefer your coverage to take a step up from tabloid gossip or questionable paparazzi photos, People is the magazine for you. Offering insightful yet respectful celebrity coverage, this fun publication is perfect when you need something lighthearted. Other stories cover the everyday trials, tribulations, and success stories of everyday folks. This magazine is published weekly, so you never have to go long without reading something juicy or inspiring.

In addition to its standard coverage, People frequently publishes special editions that delve into intriguing topics. Retrospectives are common, with many offering insights about favorite TV shows or celebrities. From The Beatles and Whitney Houston to unsolved mysteries from the world of true crime, these special publications cover everything you could hope to read about.

Between its weekly issues and special editions, People has a huge reach. Tens of millions of readers reach for it when they want the scoop on their favorite celebrities. If you join their ranks, you can adopt a weekly tradition that provides an enticing break from everyday life.

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Better Homes & Gardens

While you can gain comprehensive coverage by subscribing to several targeted lifestyle magazines, there's something to be said for committing to at least one well-rounded publication. If you're only able to dedicate time to one such magazine, it should be the perennial favorite among homeowners across the globe: Better Homes & Gardens.

As the ultimate resource for landscaping, interior design, and cooking, this favorite provides plenty of inspiration, as well as advice that makes seemingly ambitious projects feel achievable. Millions of print readers (and even more social media followers) rely on Better Homes & Gardens for the best advice and ideas for everything inside the home and out.

Like People, Better Homes & Gardens often release special editions, which are just as appealing as the magazine's typical issues. These frequently hold seasonal appeal, with everything from Christmas cookies to Halloween treats covered in detail. Other special editions focus on quilting, garden sheds, or hot & spicy recipes.

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Real Simple

If you like the idea of the DIY lifestyle but struggle to put these ideas into action, you can get a kick start with help from the wide variety of stories and how-tos in Real Simple. Designed to make different projects and activities as accessible as possible, this magazine says it all with the title: The best things in life should be simple and stress-free.

Over six million DIY types subscribe to the print version of this magazine, which goes above and beyond Real Simple's already impressive online coverage. The print version is bursting with lovely photos that prove the value - and surprising accessibility - of a simple, streamlined lifestyle. Every time you browse the pages of this popular magazine, you'll feel motivated to ditch top sources of stress and improve your well-being.

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Travel + Leisure

Whether you're planning your next getaway or simply need to take a break with a short read, Travel + Leisure will introduce you to new worlds beyond your hometown. Expert advice helps you make the most of each vacation, ensuring that trips are as relaxing, exciting, or inspirational as you desire. You'll also learn how to get the most bang for your buck and score the best deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

Reaching over 16 million travel enthusiasts, this media icon has no trouble attracting a following. The appeal is obvious: Gorgeous photos provide a sense of escape, even when readers aren't immediately able to hit the road. The travel coverage gets the most attention, of course, but the leisure aspect of its title may be what appeals most to many readers: A celebration of self-care both at home and abroad.

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Sports Illustrated

Relaxing on the couch and watching the game can be a blast, but what if you want more in-depth coverage of your favorite teams and players? Sports Illustrated provides an intriguing glimpse at your favorite athletes and events, as well as stories about niches that you might otherwise not think to follow.

All the usuals are covered, of course, including football, baseball, basketball, and golf. Beyond this, however, you'll gain a new appreciation for fencing, gymnastics, swimming, and many other athletic pursuits.

Each issue includes fascinating interviews that demonstrate that the most powerful athletes are, in fact, real people with compelling hopes and challenges. Let them inspire you to reach your fullest potential. Meanwhile, the statistical analyses and strategic insights you gain through reading this magazine will make your life as a spectator or casual athlete that much more rewarding.

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A well-rounded magazine collection should provide all the entertainment and insight you need. Subscribe to the most popular magazines to ensure that you're always informed - and that you always have an easy means of relaxation available. You'll look forward to receiving all the hottest magazines in your mailbox.