Cooking With Paula Deen Magazine

Cooking With Paula Deen Magazine

Published Bi-Monthly 7 issues per year

Cooking with Paula Deen is a cooking magazine that celebrates down-home and decadent foods of Southern cooking with recipes and entertaining advice from celebrity chef Paula Deen.

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About Cooking With Paula Deen

Whether planning a menu for the average weeknight or for the holidays, readers can follow Paula Deen's advice to transform any meal into a memorable occasion. With that classic Southern charm and hospitality, Cooking with Paula Deen is the perfect way to make sure no one ever leaves the table hungry. Whether it's a craving for something cheesy and savory or sweet and creamy, Paula Deen's recipes are sure to satisfy and leave bellies bursting with comfort food. Cooking with Paula Deen is big on party and seasonal menus, prepping home cooks for Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, the Kentucky Derby, Easter, summer grilling, Halloween, tailgating, and, of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Readers will even get decor and gift ideas for every occasion

Popular features include "On the Lighter Side," a lighter version of a favorite indulgent recipe, and "Paula's Weekly 5," which helps busy families get through the week with five fast weeknight meals and a shopping list. Each issue also features Paula's travel experiences and recommendations in and out of the South.

Home cooks who just can't get even of Southern comfort food are sure to love a subscription to Cooking with Paula Deen.

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Customer Reviews


Cooking With Paula Deen Magazine Review

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Jesse
Despite what you may have heard, Cooking With Paula Deen magazine isn’t devoted to all things butter. You don’t even need to break out the deep fryer--well at least not for every recipe. That’s right. There’s another side to the Southern celebrity chef’s cooking, and it’s not all deep fried.
It may come as a surprise, but Cooking With Paula Deen magazine devotes a section in each issue to dishes on the lighter side. But don’t mistake that as the Southern lady completely abandoning the decadent roots she’s so well-known for.
Fans who value rich foods will take comfort in the traditional Southern recipes, like fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, cornbread and red velvet cake, that are regularly included in the magazine.
Alongside those classics, there’s meal plans for a week--shopping list included--in every issue. Some dinner preparation is easy enough to get the little ones involved in the kitchen too.
All this great food is the main ingredient to turn a meal into a party. Whether it’s backyard barbecues, bridal showers or holiday feasts, Cooking with Paula Deen magazine is at the ready with festive dishes, serving tips and fun décor ideas.
In addition, Paula shares plenty of cooking tips and ideas for giving thoughtful homemade gifts year-round.
Though food is the main focus of the magazine, don’t think it’s all about butter just because it’s about Paula Deen.
If you love food and cooking then I suggest checking out the current Cooking with Paula Deen subscription deals going on at