Dance Spirit Magazine

Dance Spirit Magazine

Published Seasonally 10 issues per year
Dance Spirit magazine is the go-to guide for aspiring dancers. Each issue is packed with practical, hands-on advice. More Info >>
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Additional Information

About Dance Spirit

Dance Spirit magazine teaches dancers how to excel in all genres. From ballet to ballroom to contemporary to jazz, Dance Spirit provides comprehensive coverage of common dance forms. The magazine also teaches readers how to join a dance team, perfect common techniques and hone their individual style. Pre-professional dancers will glean timely tips and advice in each new issue of Dance Spirit.

The publication contains interviews with popular dancers and choreographers, health and nutrition suggestions, and fitness advice. The magazine also highlights the trendiest costumes, the best warm-up routines and the hottest new dancers in each genre. From coverage of national dance competitions to articles about Broadway dancers, Dance Spirit keeps readers informed about all things dance.

Aspiring dancers will look forward to each new issue of Dance Spirit. The magazine teaches readers how to perfect their skills, how to get involved with a major dance company or troupe and how to move forward in their dance career. Dancers everywhere will look forward to each new issue of Dance Spirit magazine.
Issues Per Year: 10
Estimated Delivery: 6-12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Seasonally
Publisher Name: Dance Media, LLC

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