Elle Decor Magazine

Elle Decor Magazine

Published Seasonally 10 issues per year

Elle Decor is a home & gardening magazine for fashion-forward, luxury living. This is the ultimate guide to great interior style and design. When compromise isn't an option, reader's turn to Elle Decor for the latest trends from designers and celebrities to inspire new life and beauty in the home.

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About Elle Decor

From high-end furniture to modern and intriguing decor, Elle Decor is a design magazine with all the looks and tips readers need to fill the home with upscale, on-point style. Elle Decor walks readers through all the trends in color, furniture, and accessories with stunning photography. Plus, readers will read interviews with America's top decorators and celebrities. This is every reader's chance to go inside the homes they always dreamed about seeing.

When not browsing the detailed photographs, enjoy regular features that give insights into how professionals think, which will help readers build the fundamentals of design so they can bring new life into old rooms, or maximize small apartment spaces. Regular features include: "Style," which covers the stories and profiles of people behind the issue, the most stylish and influential people, plus trends and what's hot; and "Culture," which profiles up-and-coming artists and photographers, a travel guide for where to ship, eat, and stay around the world, and in-depth looks into the talents who shaped design.

Readers of Elle Decor will also discover "Design," which helps readers find solutions in question and answer format to make problem-solving easy, inspiring images of the interior from around the world as featured in Elle Decor, and the products that make a home stylish. Look out for special seasonal issues and regular features like "The Makeover Issue," "The International Issue," and the "Holiday Gift Guide," just to name a few.

Elle Decor is a magazine for anyone with an appreciation for home design or wants to bring more style to their interior spaces. Subscribe today and be on the cutting edge of style and decor.

Issues Per Year: 10
Estimated Delivery: 6-12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Seasonally
Publisher Name: Hearst Communications

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Elle Decor Magazine

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Christen from Magazines.com,

Like its fashionable counterpart, Elle Décor magazine is dedicated to bringing a sense of elegance and unparalleled style into your home.

Each issue—advertising included—is filled with eye-catching rooms, unique pieces and attention-getting color. As you would expect, the latest trends in decorating are broken down and the most luxurious touches are highlighted. There’s also plenty of advice on renovating projects and efficiency in design. But what you may not expect is that not everything is so out-of-reach. For example, one of the latest issues featured how one designer was turning stickers into elegant wall coverings, along with tips on finding affordable rugs and other accents.

Better keep your wish list handy because you’ll see plenty in Elle Décor that you’ll want to buy—or at least search for something like it that’s more affordable. Especially with its listings like “Sensational Stores Around the World.”

While it may be considered the high fashion of home décor, don’t dismiss it, even if you wouldn’t be so daring with your own style. Just getting a glimpse of the trendiest interiors is a treat and education in itself.

By reading Elle Décor magazine, you just may be surprised at how your tastes may be challenged and changed.

If you love home design and decorating then I suggest checking out the current Elle Décor magazine subscription deals going on at Magazines.com.