Fine Homebuilding Magazine
Fine Homebuilding Magazine

Fine Homebuilding Magazine

Published Seasonally 8 issues per year

Fine Homebuilding is a home magazine that provides professional-level building and remodeling information to builders, architects, contractors and other construction professionals.

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About Fine Homebuilding

Fine Homebuilding has been informing homebuilding and remodeling professionals since 1981. The magazine contains extensive features covering various aspects of residential construction and remodeling. Fine Homebuilding also offers tips from skilled builders, and techniques and trade secrets to build smarter, faster and better. Much of the content is written by individuals who actually do the work they write about.

Each bi-monthly issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine contains the following reader-favorite regular sections: Tips & Techniques, a collection of expert time-saving strategies; Q&A, the pros give answers to reader-submitted questions; Tools & Materials, reviews of highly rated new products; What's the Difference, a comparison of similar products, such as woods, paints, etc.; Building Skills, what every building enthusiast should know; Master Carpenter, master class instruction for fine builders and remodelers; Energy-Smart Details, energy-efficient building and design projects and information; Drawing Board, lessons in residential design; and Tailgate, profiles of some of the leaders in homebuilding. Fine Homebuilding may publish special issues throughout the year, such as Energy-Smart Homes, Design Ideas that Work, Decks and Outdoor Projects, Houses, Kitchen & Bath Planning Guide and Home Makeover Ideas.

Anyone who is seriously involved in the construction of new houses or remodeling old ones will enjoy a subscription to Fine Homebuilding magazine.

Issues Per Year: 8
Estimated Delivery: 6-12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Seasonally
Publisher Name: Taunton Direct

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