Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting Magazine
Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting Magazine

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting Magazine

Published Bi-Monthly 6 issues per year

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting is a sewing magazine written for the crafters out there who love quilting. With plenty of new patterns and news on the newest trends, it's perfect for new and experienced quilters alike.

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About Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting puts great quilting tips and patterns with easy-to-follow instructions, diagrams, photos, and full-size patterns right at quilters' thimble-wearing fingertips!

Packed with patterns and designs, popular sections include "Projects," which gives step-by-step directions for creating each featured quilt, and "Bonus Quilts," which gives readers even more quilting projects along with illustrated lessons. For the fundamentals, "Techniques" covers such skills as mastering patterns, cutting fabric, piecing, machine applique, and more. Other regular sections include: "From Marianne and Liz," tips for improving quilting skills from Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, hosts of the "Love of Quilting" TV show based on the magazine; "Sew Many Tips," simple clever tips; "Shop Hop," product recommendations from the editors; "Quilt with The Stars," a profile of a well-known quilter; "Sew & Tell," reader-submitted photos of their beautiful projects; "Quilter's Bookshelf," reviews on the latest quilting books; and "Behind the Seams," a sneak peek at upcoming quilting shows and expos. For extra quilting fun, Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting may also publish special issues dedicated to seasonal projects.

New or experienced, quilters of all levels who are constantly on the lookout for new projects and techniques would love a subscription to Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting.

Issues Per Year: 6
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Publisher Name: F&W Media, Inc.

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