Life & Style Weekly Magazine

Life & Style Weekly Magazine

Published Weekly 52 issues per year

Life & Style Weekly is a celebrity magazine that digs deeper than the latest gossip by highlighting the hottest Hollywood trends and showing readers how to duplicate the looks affordably.

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About Life & Style Weekly

Life & Style Weekly features the best and worst of current celebrity fashion as well as all of the latest Hollywood gossip. Readers appreciate how the magazine keeps them up-to-date on what their favorite stars are doing and wearing.

The style section helps readers not only keep on top of the latest celebrity trends, but also recreate those looks for themselves -- at a fraction of the cost. It includes: multiple pages devoted to the beauty and fashion of the stars; over 75 easy-to-navigate shopping features; step-by-step tips from the experts on creating the perfect look; and original photo shoots.

Examples of past monthly editorial themes of Life & Style Weekly include: Fall Fashion Trends, Holiday Hair, Spring Beauty, Summer Skin, Winter Beauty Special, Anti-Aging Special, Denim Special, Beauty Awards and Holiday Dresses. In addition, each issue contains: at look at the week's trends; a face-off to determine which stars wore certain hot new outfits best; a collection of photographs capturing the best-dressed celebrities; a fun look at the "everyday" styles of the famous; and comparisons of your favorite stars' old vs. updated looks.

Readers who want to keep their style fresh and fabulous, and see the latest trends of Hollywood run for their mailboxes for each new issue of Life & Style Weekly.

Anyone who loves to stay on top of the latest Hollywood style and gossip will enjoy a subscription to Life & Style Weekly magazine.

Issues Per Year: 52
Estimated Delivery: 4-6 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Weekly
Publisher Name: American Media LLC

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Customer Reviews


Life & Style Weekly Magazine

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Heather from
Keeping up with the drama of celebrity lives: the weddings, babies and of course, the scandals – can be a nice escape sometimes. When you’re looking for that break from reality, you can always count on Life & Style magazine to be the first with celebrity happenings. The celebrity magazine was the first to report the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James cheating story and that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were having marriage problems after only a month after their famous black & white wedding.
A great regular feature is the photo spread, “Week in Photos,” which shows A-list stars in all walks of life: Katy Perry on the set of her latest video, Denise Richards with her daughters at the park or Justin and Selena getting ice cream. Life & Style also widely covers celebrity fashion in its regular features like “Star Style.” The magazine also includes style reports on the trendiest labels and clothing styles. There’s also a feature similar to Us Weekly’s “Who Wore it Best” called “So Hot, Everyone’s Wearing It” and compares celebrities wearing the same outfit.
Still, there’s a lot of coverage on celebrities’ lifestyles with regular columns like “Party with the Stars” and a round-up of where and with whom celebrities have been spotted recently and features insider looks at romantic getaways, celebrity-preferred salons and restaurants.
Surprisingly, Life & Style magazine’s writing is high quality and it doesn't take itself too seriously at all.
Thanks for checking out my Life & Style Magazine subscription review today at If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES.