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Do you own a motorboat? If so, consider a subscription to Boating, the world’s largest powerboat magazine. The publication contains a boat buyer’s guide, gear recommendations, troubleshooting tips, preventative care, and more. Written by experts who love boating, the magazine covers everything from boating safety to information on used boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, cruising boats, and personal watercraft.

If you prefer sail boating, you’ll want to check out Cruising World magazine. The publication is dedicated to cruising, chartering, and sailing. The magazine covers the best boats of the year, reviews on different types of boats, advice on idyllic destinations, and recommendations on gear. It also contains interesting stories about fellow sailors, tips on boating safety, and information about maintenance.

Whether you own a boat or simply enjoy spending time on the water, you’ll benefit from a subscription to one of our boating magazines. Check out our current deals and discounts on boating magazines. You’re sure to find something that will be perfect for you!

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