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Latest issue of Professional Mariner

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About Professional Mariner Magazine

Professional Mariner is a magazine dedicated to all things related to the maritime industry. Each issue contains up-to-date information about the commercial and military vessels that sail the oceans, rivers, and lakes, and contains maritime news, gear reviews, safety news, and more.

Professional Mariner is the ultimate resource for anyone interested in the latest North American maritime news, and is designed for those directly involved in day-to-day nautical operations. From reviews of the latest gear, to safety tips and casualty lists, Professional Mariner is an excellent resource for those looking to immerse themselves in the world of military and commercial vessels.

Each issue of Professional Mariner is full of the information nautical minds need to know. Sections like "Deck Gear," and "Technology" offer information about the latest ship upgrades and gadgets, while "Shipbuilding" contains news about ships being built and innovations in new vessels, while "Navigation" includes information about weather patterns and other seasonal effects on a ship's navigation system.

In a more sobering section, Professional Mariner also includes casualty lists from marine accidents, and reports on the outcome of collisions, explosions, and other incidents.

Professional Mariner also includes tugboat information, as well as a job board for those looking to find new work in the maritime field. This magazine also contains important updates related to unions and organizations, so readers can stay on top of news that might directly affect them.

Professional Mariner is perfect for nautical professionals both on board and on shore, as well as for those with an intense interest in maritime news and ships.