Royal Britain Presents Royal Life Magazine

Royal Britain Presents Royal Life Magazine

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Her Majesty the Queen is once more front and centre in this issue of Royal Life as we bring you more coverage of her spectacular 90th birthday celebrations – for which she thanked her fans with a tweet! The royals and general public alike were out in force for the Patron’s Lunch celebrations, and the typically rainy English weather didn’t dampen anyone’s high spirits. There was a great atmosphere among the crowd, who waved Union Jack flags and cheered while watching a parade that symbolised the Queen’s reign through the decades from the 1950s until the present day. The event was organised by the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips in recognition of Her Majesty’s patronage of more than 600 organisations in the UK and around the Commonwealth. It included a Commonwealth theme in the 1950s, flower power in the 1960s and nature in the 1970s.

We should also remember that Prince Philip turned 95 on June 10th, the day before Trooping The Colour, the Queen’s Birthday Parade. He spent the day at a Thanksgiving Service for the Queen’s 90th and was happy to take a back seat as his wife received all of the birthday honours. Since the day on 20 November 1947 when the Duke pledged to love and honour his princess bride in a fairytale wedding that punctured the gloom of post-War Britain, he has stayed in the background, a steadfast support as his wife fulfils a vital role for the nation. So while this issue continues the celebrations for our longest reigning monarch, we would also like to add the best of belated birthday wishes to the much underrated Duke of Edinburgh, a true rock to our great queen.

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About Royal Britain Presents Royal Life

First published in 2012, Royal Britain Presents Royal Life fills a gap in the market when the general public's interest in the royal family is at an all-time high. The magazine focuses exclusively on Britain's royal family with up-to-date photos and articles.

Packed with wonderful pictures and the latest news, features focus on all of the happenings in royal life, from tours of the commonwealth to holiday celebrations, movie premiers and charitable events. Royal Britain Presents Royal Life is there to capture all of the milestones and major events of life in the royal family. Collectors' issues provide full coverage of everything from the anniversary of the queen's reign, to the births of William and Catherine's beautiful children. Always tasteful and respectful, this publication showcases the beauty, grace and love the royal family has for one another, their countrymen and the world.

Royal Britain Presents Royal Life is the perfect magazine for anyone who loves to follow the lives of Britain's royal family.

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