Southern Living Magazine

Southern Living Magazine

Published Monthly 13 issues per year

Southern Living is a home and gardening magazine celebrating the diverse cultural traditions, cuisine, home designs, gardening trends and fashion styles in the cities and communities that make America's South so unique. A subscription to Southern Living is ideal for anyone who wants to know about all the best the South has to offer!

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Additional Information

About Southern Living

Southern Living is a magazine dedicated to covering the dynamic homes, gardens and lifestyles of the South.

There's nothing quite like Southern cuisine. Whether you are cooking your family dinner or hosting a party, the "Cooking" section of Southern Living provides delicious Southern recipes for everything from grits to pecan pie. Articles include cooking instructions and photos of seasonal meals, appetizers, beverages and irresistible desserts with a unique Southern flare.

In "Home + Garden," readers will enjoy elegant Southern home decor inspiration, DIY project ideas and gardening tips. "Travel + Culture" reveals the communities and personalities that make the South a special travel destination. Readers will also discover the best restaurants and small towns in the region.

Other regular content includes in-depth coverage, interviews and photos of Southern-based stars, awards shows, red carpet events and more. Brush up on makeup and hairstyle trends, and find the perfect style to make any Southern woman look beautifully unique. Readers who want to be in-the-know about the music and fashion scenes in the top Southern cities, such as Nashville and beyond, will love also this magazine!

From traditional to current and cutting edge styles, Southern Living is the perfect magazine for readers who admire the food, style and culture of the charming South. Subscribe today!

Issues Per Year: 13
Estimated Delivery: 6-8 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Monthly
Publisher Name: Meredith Corporation

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Customer Reviews


Southern Living Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Beth. I’m a food blogger from Nashville, TN and a Southern girl, born and raised.

Southern Living magazine has been in my life for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would spend hours poring over my mom’s collection, letting my imagination run wild. I would choose house plans and home interior designs that I loved, pretending I was all grown up with a family of my own. In fact, I still have tear-outs from issues that date back to the early 80’s!

When I moved away to college, my mom continued to save old copies of the magazine for me to thumb through when home for a visit. As time went on, I became more interested in different sections of the magazine, particularly food, travel and gardening.

Through the years I’ve torn out many articles regarding travel through the south and have followed several of their recommendations, most recently using a feature on Savannah, Georgia as a guide in building my own trip itinerary.

Once I became a homeowner, the gardening and landscaping tips became a lifesaver, as I definitely was NOT born with a green thumb! From caring for herbs to creating an arrangement of perennials in the flower bed, Southern Living has helped me bring beauty to our home, both inside and out. But most of all, my favorite aspect of the magazine, above all others is the food. Their recipes have never once let me down. In fact, many of them show up on my table over and over again, which is saying a lot coming from someone who always enjoys trying new things.

Unlike when I use recipes from other magazines, I’ve never had to tweak a dish to make it better, or ever felt the need for a “trial run” before serving to guests. With Southern Living, every dish I’ve made has been a hit, so it has become one of the most reliable sources I turn to for dinner inspiration!

If you love food and cooking magazines then I suggest you check out the current Southern Living magazine subscription deals going on at And be sure to follow my culinary adventures on my blog at and on Twitter @betheats!