Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine

Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine

Published Monthly 12 issues per year
Sports Illustrated Kids is a sports magazine for kids ages 8-15 from the publishers of Sports Illustrated magazine. More Info >>
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Additional Information

About Sports Illustrated Kids

First published in 1989, Sports Illustrated Kids has featured the most popular athletes using articles, photographs, games, and advice geared toward a child's perspective.

Aside from features and special sports previews, additional content in each issue is organized into the following sections: "Freeze Frame," amazing sports moments captured in a photograph; "Warmup," a round-up of news, tips, photos, and more from the world of sports; "End Zone," picture puzzles, games, and other educational stuff. Some features in every monthly issue include: "LOL," a funny sports-related photo; "Tips from the Pros," how-tos on a sports technique from athletes at the top of their game; "Gear," recommendations on what to wear on the field or on the court; "What's the Call?," an educational feature that teaches the rules of the game; and "Sports Gamer," product reviews and tips for the sports video gamer. Another popular feature is the "Buzz Beamer" comic strip. Buzz, a young boy with blonde hair and dark glasses, is also the magazine's sports mascot, and he's featured playing a variety of sports in each issue and on the website.

Throughout the year, Sports Illustrated Kids publishes several special preview issues for major sports, such as college football, college basketball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball.

Boys and girls who love sports and learning more about them would enjoy a subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids magazine--plus, it makes a great gift for birthdays or Christmas!
Issues Per Year: 12
Estimated Delivery: 6-8 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Monthly
Publisher Name: Time Inc

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Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Philip. I’m in the 7th grade and I love sports, especially baseball, football and basketball. My favorite baseball teams are the Braves and the Yankees.

I like Sports Illustrated Kids and this magazine helps me know what’s going on with all my favorite teams and athletes. I really like when the pros talk about tips and what it takes to be a star athlete. There are also quizzes and games in each issue that are a lot of fun.

I like that SI Kids magazine also talks about things like setting goals and overcoming challenges. They write about ways to be your best and live a healthy life. That makes me feel inspired cause my dream is to play in the MLB.

I also like the pictures a lot and every issue also has a 2-page mini-poster, sometimes of my favorite athletes. A subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids also gets you some other cool special issues. My favorites are the NFL, MLB and NBA previews. There’s also a double issue with a guide to cool stuff for the holidays and a highlight of the Sportskid of the Year. I really like that another kid gets to be in the magazine.

The magazine is really fun. I really love sports. So if you know a young sports fan like me, I think you should order them an SI Kids magazine subscription from right now. Thanks!