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Star is a celebrity and entertainment news magazine that reports breaking news about the personal lives and careers of Hollywood's top celebrities and pop culture icons. A subscription to Star is perfect for readers who want to know all the secrets of the stars!

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About Star

Subscribe to Star for the latest entertainment news, juicy gossip and celebrity photos all in one magazine. In each issue, Star readers get exclusive coverage of celebrity romance, shocking confessions, pregnancy news, plastic surgery insights, wedding coverage, weight loss stories, celebrity scandals, divorce drama and stars' major transformations. Star also includes entertainment sneak peeks, TV and movie reviews, awards show coverage, red carpet events, fashion finds from around the world and more.

Star is packed with candid celebrity photos, including everything from beach shots to snapshots from the red carpet at the Emmy Awards or Fashion Week. Some regular sections of the magazine include "StarShots" (candid photos of celebrities doing the things they love); "Normal/Not Normal" (awkward celebrity poses), "Hot Sheet" (a roundup of the latest beauty products and fashion trends), "Best of the Week" (top runway fashion) and "Double Takes" (celeb fashion successes and mishaps). Readers of Star also get horoscopes, crossword puzzles, quizzes and Sudoku in every issue!

Get the latest buzz about your favorite TV, movie, music and sports stars with a subscription to Star! Readers with an interest in celebrity and entertainment news will love this magazine!

Issues Per Year: 52
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Publishing Frequency: Weekly
Publisher Name: AMI/Weider Publications, Inc.

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Star Magazine Subscription Review

Video Transcript
Hi. I’m Christen from When you think of a celebrity magazine, the glossy that undoubtedly comes to mind for getting the skinny on celebs is Star. Are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony really still living together? That’s anybody’s guess. But the fact that a magazine was able to track down a guy she worked with on a failed reality cop show almost 30 years ago is absolutely incredible!

Most celebrity magazines play the role of a concerned fan while sharing some star’s pained secret. Not Star! Instead of stating, “Stars: They’re just like US,” as Us Weekly does, Star is happy to call it like it sees it, by saying, “Stars: Are they normal or not?” Hey, we’ve all been wondering the same thing!

Of course, the real reason to buy Star is because it seems to sniff out a story before anyone else. While the world certainly didn’t expect Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries to last a lifetime, it seemed rocked by the news that they wouldn’t last ‘til the New Year. Not Star, though. The magazine has been reporting the inevitable demise of the reality TV newlyweds practically since they got hitched August 20th.

Listen, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. Star magazine has the uncanny ability to get to the scene of the fire first.

If you love to get the latest on celebrity news then I suggest you check out the current Star magazine subscription deals going on at