This Old House Magazine

This Old House Magazine

Published Bi-Monthly 6 issues per year
This Old House magazine is a home improvement magazine for the hands-on homeowner. More Info >>
6 Issues / Bi-Monthly
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Additional Information

About This Old House

A spin-off of the popular PBS television program, This Old House magazine contains advice from experienced professionals about all areas of home ownership, design and planning. Articles cover topics like electrical and lighting, bathrooms, tools, materials, exteriors and much more from a do-it-yourself (DIY) perspective. Anyone looking to remodel or renovate their home will appreciate the step-by-step guides and product reviews of tools. Readers' confidence in tackling any DIY project will grow with each issue.

This Old House magazine is divided into the following regular sections: Idea File, a presentation of before and after project photos for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more; Home Solutions, a compilation of tips and tricks for saving energy, money and time; 10 Uses, a list of 10 creative uses for a common household item or project leftover; How-To Projects, a variety of tips and methods for home improvement projects; Build It or Buy It, advice on what to look for in building or buying a household item; Ask This Old House, answers to reader-submitted questions; Step-By-Step, a guide to help take you through a project from start to finish; Checklist, six fast home improvement fixes; Save This Old House, an assessment of an older home and what it will take to restore it; and Directory, a listing of products and services featured in each issue.

This Old House readers appreciate the affordable new ideas and helpful tips for both maintaining and updating their homes, with details right down to the tools needed. This is a great resource for both novice and expert home improvement DIYers.

Anyone who loves to remodel and renovate different aspects of their home will enjoy a subscription to This Old House magazine.

Issues Per Year: 6
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Publisher Name: This Old House Ventures, LLC

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Customer Reviews


This Old House Magazine Subscription Review

Video Transcript
Hi. I’m Adam from
I love working on my house. I’m actually in the midst of my second complete home renovation. I learned a lot during our first one and have to admit that my wife and I definitely caught the DIY bug after that. There’s just something really awesome about being able to look around your home knowing the amount of seat equity you’ve put into it.
That being said, I don’t always love the process as anyone who’s been through a renovation can attest to. This is where having a good resource is a huge asset. I started subscribing to This Old House magazine last year and can’t tell you how useful it’s been for me during this renovation. I’ve really saved a lot of time and thanks to the tips and in this magazine.
Some of my favorite features you’ll find in each issue include weekend DIY projects, low-cost project ideas, and top ways to save money around the house. It’s really become a how-to resource library for me for everything having to do with our home. That’s what makes this publication so valuable. It’s definitely not one of those magazines you read and throw away. You’ll find yourself saving these to reference back to down the road when new projects come up.
A side tip – read an article in this before you start your next project. I find that prep work helps cut down my time at the local home improvement store, and keeps me from making multiple trips as I tend to go into a project much more prepared.
Thanks for checking out my This Old House magazine subscription review. Give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES if you have any questions and be sure check out the latest This Old House subscription discounts and offers here at