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About Vietnam Magazine

Vietnam is the only magazine exclusively devoted to America's most controversial and divisive war. Each bimonthly issue is filled with detailed analysis about the war.

Vietnam magazine presents accurate first-hand accounts of the Vietnam war. Written by historians, veterans, journalists and respected military historians, each issue is filled with authoritative coverage on the people, battles, weapons and strategies involved in the conflict. History buffs will appreciate a subscription to Vietnam magazine.

Each bimonthly issue explores the complexities and difficulties inherent in the Vietnam conflict. The magazine contains detailed stories about key battles, period photos and thought-provoking interviews. Each issue also contains interviews with veterans, personal recollections written by soldiers, and stories about the men who fought the war. Vietnam magazine features regular sections about the weaponry and ammunition used in the war. Each issue also reviews books and movies about Vietnam.

Veterans and history buffs will enjoy the unbiased, in-depth coverage found in each new issue of Vietnam magazine. Each issue gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at this controversial war.
5.0 star rating

If your looking for Vietnam War info, here's your source!

This is a very informative and detailed magazine. The photos and articles are of the highest quality. I was immediately impressed with how much I learned from my first print. If you are interested in the Vietnam War, this is your one stop shop.

Cr C.

4.0 star rating

Great Job

In Vietnam magazine small units, special topic as well as Areas of Operation are covered bi-monthly. Great selection on magazine content. One or two articles in each magazine are in-depth and authoritative. The feedback comments in each magazine clear up any distortions, inaccuracies or mis-statements on previous articles. The pictures are authentic, first-rate and plentiful. Great job in covering 16 years of involvement over there.