Vogue Magazine

Vogue Magazine

Published Monthly 12 issues per year

Vogue is the ultimate women's fashion magazine. Published for over a century, it's the undeniable authority on high-fashion trends, leading designers, the best looks for the season and all things haute couture that influence culture.

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About Vogue

French for "in style," Vogue is exactly that. It's the leading source for everything in the world of high fashion, following the latest trends and names in design to bring you a dose of culture as well as inspiration for making the newest looks work for you.

Vogue is filled with profiles, news and advice from the world of style and haute couture to not only keep you up-to-date on the latest looks, but to also show you the fascinating connection between fashion and culture for a new perspective on the way we think about design and what we wear. And to keep you fabulously fashionable and well informed about the world around you, Vogue occasionally features articles on hot topics like politics and the environment. Smart is sexy!

Regular reader-favorite sections include:

People are Talking About - An overview on the latest buzz in design, travel, entertainment, books and more
What to Wear Where - Advice for pairing featured pieces with the perfect occasion
Steal of the Month - A must-have celebrity look that readers can replicate

Vogue also publishes several must-see special issues throughout the year, including "The Spring Fashion Issue," The Age Issue" and "The Fall Fashion Issue." If you have a taste for the fine things in life and want to see how high fashion can revive your style and influence the world around you, Vogue is the magazine for you!

Issues Per Year: 12
Estimated Delivery: 6-8 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Monthly
Publisher Name: Conde Nast Publications

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Customer Reviews


Vogue Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
Hi. I’m TV and radio personality Patricia Lopez. I’m at Magazines.com today to talk a little bit about Vogue magazine.

I love Vogue and its unapologetic focus. From its gorgeous photography, provocative coverage of Hollywood’s “It” Actresses and couture fashion that I may never be able to afford but love drooling over, it's a fun bit of eye-candy and fantasy for all of us to vicariously experience luxury living each month.

Vogue has earned its nickname “the fashion bible.” The magazine’s influence is palpable: Each month it consistently features the hottest looks that inevitably become next season’s hottest trend from high-waisted pants or ankle boots that eventually show up in every Gap and department store in the country. The magazine is that influential. If you're looking for good, practical advice on beauty products, hairdo’s or picking the right style swimsuit for your body type, you may be better off with a Glamour or Marie Claire magazine subscription. A Vogue subscription is definitely for the woman who wants to be ahead of the curve.

I also enjoy how Vogue dishes on the latest Hollywood scandals and gossip; remember when Jennifer Aniston finally called out Angelina Jolie for her insensitive comments about her romance with Brad Pitt? That interview was in Vogue.

Speaking of celebrities, Vogue always features someone famous and usually powerful—whether it’s Lady Gaga or First Lady Michelle Obama—on the cover. The magazine also spotlights up-and-coming celebrities really well, whether it is an actor in the season’s sure-to-be box office blockbuster or the next It fashion designer.

However, you not only get beautiful fashion layouts to look at and tantalizing celebrity gossip but also great in-depth and opinionated articles on writers, architects, actors, art exhibits and the like. I appreciate that the overall tone of the magazine makes no apologies for its authority. The magazine presents haute couture fashion, glamour and celebrity as vital art forms to our culture and society. I think it's a beautiful magazine to look at for its artistic vision and for well-written articles.

So if you love cutting-edge fashion and pop-culture then I definitely suggest checking out the current Vogue subscription deals at Magazines.com.