The Best 6 Subscriptions to Get as Gifts for the Holidays

Holiday stress can make the most magical time of year feel like a burden. Gift-giving, in particular, seems like a dreaded chore rather than a welcome opportunity to make loved ones smile. However, with a better gift-giving strategy, you can reclaim the joy of finding the perfect present for each person.

This year, skip the hassle of shopping and give friends, family members, and acquaintances something that they'll actually use: subscriptions to their favorite magazines. Every month, recipients will look forward to receiving dozens, even hundreds of pages worth of glossy photos and intriguing commentary.

Choosing whether to give loved ones magazines is the easy part. Now, however, you need to determine which gift subscriptions are ideal for specific types of readers. To help, we've identified a few of the most appealing options. You can't go wrong with the subscription gift ideas highlighted below:

Reader's Digest

There's no shortage of entertainment news within the pages of Reader's Digest. Known for its short stories and amusing anecdotes, this longtime favorite should be at the top of your list of gift subscriptions for the holidays.

Don't be surprised if you give subscriptions to several people. Remember: This magazine is versatile enough to please several types of people.

As a general interest magazine, Reader's Digest is a safe choice when you're not exactly sure which type of publication will appeal most to an acquaintance or coworker. Even if you don't know the recipient well, you can feel confident that at least one or two stories in each issue will pique that person's interest.

Travel + Leisure

If your loved ones enjoy dreaming of future trips, they'll appreciate the instant sense of escape that the magazineTravel + Leisure delivers. Each issue is packed with intriguing travel ideas, plus tips for making each vacation as smooth and carefree as possible.

Appealing to every type of traveler, this in-demand publication is chock full of suggestions for upscale vacationers, outdoorsy types, and everyone in between.

Remember that this gift may eventually lead to travel envy on your part; as soon as you see your loved ones posting photos from their magazine-inspired journeys, you'll feel compelled to follow suit. While you're busy buying subscriptions for the top travelers in your life, you may as well grab one for your household.

The New Yorker

Perfect for the sophisticate in your life, The New Yorker delivers the most relevant insights on culture and current events. While this magazine is especially appealing to current or aspiring New York residents, it should also provide plenty of food for thought for people from all walks of life.

Published on a near-weekly basis, The New Yorker is an excellent fit for readers who desire a higher volume of content than your typical monthly magazines can provide. That being said, this may not be the best choice for a giftee who cannot dedicate significant time to reading. Choose the right person, however, and you will receive endless appreciation for this remarkable gift.

Rolling Stone

Music lovers adore Rolling Stone, which has long been the preeminent authority in the entertainment industry. Evocative covers and headlines never fail to grab attention, but the details contained within each edition are what truly sets this publication apart. Insightful album reviews will help your loved ones develop playlists, as will profiles featuring up-and-coming artists who are about to make a splash in the music industry.

Even if your loved ones aren't currently making an active effort to expand their musical repertoire, they should be intrigued by the in-depth celebrity interviews each edition contains. Rolling Stone's interviewers have a real knack for getting people to open up. These pieces are often accompanied by exceptional photography, which makes the simple act of paging through the magazine feel like a treat.


Finding the right present can be difficult regardless of gender, but gift-givers often complain that this is particularly difficult for men. This becomes less of a struggle when ordering magazines, as several publications are specifically designed to reflect the current interests and concerns.

Excellent options abound, but men will be especially eager to flip through the pages of Esquire. Chock full of relevant insights on entertainment, style, technology, and dining, this magazine is the perfect resource for any man who hopes to impress others at upcoming dinner parties.

The witty commentary makes Esquire a natural fit for any man who craves thought-provoking yet entertaining content. A wide range of topics are covered, but always from a male perspective that makes readers feel heard and understood.


Adults are by no means the only giftees who appreciate magazine subscriptions. Kids also look forward to receiving new issues.

While plenty of excellent magazines are available for the youngest readers, nothing quite compares to the classic Highlights. Engaging stories keep school-age children - and their parents - entertained, as do the beloved Hidden Pictures that have pleased several generations of young readers.

If you need a gift option for younger children, try High Five, which is meant for preschoolers. Babies and toddlers can also get their content fix while browsing the pages of Highlights hello  which helps them develop a love for reading from the very beginning.

Everyone on your list will be thrilled to receive weekly or monthly gift subscriptions to the best magazines, from babies to seniors and in between. Discover for yourself the appeal of stress-free gift-giving.

Once you've gotten a taste of the joy that gift subscriptions deliver, you'll be happy to set aside 'traditional' presents and stick with a more literary approach to the holiday season.