Diversity Magazines That Everyone Should Read

Few resources appeal to diverse groups quite like magazines. With publications dedicated to people from all walks of life, this type of media is uniquely positioned to give under-represented groups the insight and sense of community they desire.

We are proud to provide access to several magazines designed with diverse readers in mind. From minority-oriented publications to magazines that accommodate neurologically diverse populations, we are thrilled to bring the joy of reading to a wide array of subscribers.

While some of these publications are targeted at specific groups of readers, we believe that anybody can benefit from gaining a new perspective. To that end, we hope that you will consider subscribing to one or more of the following magazines, which can expand your horizons and provide a new outlook on the world around you:


Lifestyle magazines abound - but traditionally, many of these have neglected to feature African American women. While many publications are beginning to right these wrongs, another magazine provides the attention and respect African Americans deserve.

Known as Essence, this acclaimed publication covers all the latest developments in fashion, beauty, and culture - but from the much-needed perspective of the African American community.

In Essence, black women are celebrated in all their glory - not simply thought of as a quota to be fulfilled. The magazine strives to be a place of opportunity where "black women come first." Content ranges from lighthearted to serious, but all stories are engaging for all types of readers.

Black EOE Journal

Minorities face a variety of concerning obstacles in the professional and business communities. Hence, the need for targeted resources that show ambitious individuals how they can make the most of whatever opportunities are available - while also tackling critical challenges head-on.

Black EOE Journal accomplishes all this and more. As the leading career magazine for African Americans, this publication offers must-have advice for professionals from all sectors and levels on the career ladder. The magazine's annual Best of the Best feature highlights several of the year's most inspiring success stories. Other articles delve into concerns such as business funding, corporate sponsorships, and graduate-level training.

Familiar faces are often featured, with Stacey Abrams and Cedric the Entertainer having recently graced the front cover. Whether you're on the hunt for a casual read or high-level career advice, you'll find everything you need within this essential magazine.


Paying homage to the Swahili term for "powerful," BAVUAL introduces readers to the fascinating history of the African and African American populations, highlighting several centuries of tragedy and progress. This heritage magazine has a clear Afrocentric perspective, which makes it unique even among the diversity-oriented magazines highlighted in this guide.

If you want better insight into the historical events and long-term trends that have shaped the cultural concerns of the present day, there's no better place to get the information you crave. Issues are only published quarterly, but each edition is packed with commentary, interviews, and more.

Diversity in STEAM

We hear a lot about the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) fields but often neglect to explore how workforce diversity can play into these areas. This is the obvious focus of the diversity magazine Diversity in STEAM, which examines how all types of readers can achieve their most ambitious objectives.

Race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability status need not stand in the way of higher education, as Diversity in STEAM makes abundantly clear. Interviews with inspiring figures such as Mayim Bialik and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar show how it's possible to overcome adversity, while articles on the C-suite and the supply chain highlight opportunities for widespread change.

Autism Asperger's Sensory Digest

Those on the spectrum - and their loved ones - often desire a better sense of the many ways human brains can function. This understanding can be obtained while taking in the wealth of content provided by Autism Asperger's Sensory Digest. This magazine has an unwaveringly positive attitude towards individuals with autism and other sensory concerns.

Every issue is packed with research-backed columns penned by some of the field's top authorities. Familiar names such as Jed Baker and Temple Grandin are heavily featured. The goal of these articles is not simply to provide advice but also to foster a greater appreciation for the many modes of thinking that color our world.


Created with differently-abled readers in mind, DIVERSEability, highlights the many educational and professional opportunities currently available to all types of people. The magazine aims to promote accessibility in the modern workforce, which, despite demonstrating some improvements, still fails to accommodate many talented individuals.

DIVERSEability offers much-needed advocacy and personal inspiration, with stories on everything from business loans to inclusion in the workplace ? and even suggestions for disclosing disability status. News stories celebrate each achievement as it arrives, while interviews demonstrate how differently-abled individuals can share their unique gifts with the world.

Expand Your Horizons With A Diversity Magazine

No matter your background or ambitions, you can benefit from reading the above mentioned magazines. This is your chance to become a more well-rounded person - and an advocate for change in a time of great opportunity.