Top Magazines that Address Mental Health

Depression and anxiety are overwhelmingly common among people from all types of backgrounds, and yet, few make a point of actively reading about these and other mental health concerns. This leaves them susceptible to inaccurate messaging from movies, TV shows, or news headlines, which don't always provide a well-rounded portrayal of those diagnosed with mental health conditions.

This needs to change. The more informed the public becomes, the less stigma these conditions and their sufferers will receive -   and the easier people will find it to identify symptoms or problematic coping mechanisms. A basic level of understanding will also promote better mental health on a general basis, even among those who cannot be actively diagnosed with any issues.

Books, podcasts, and documentaries help, but nothing quite compares to magazines that talk about mental health. These offer a variety of valuable perspectives, ranging from recent research to compelling stories about people who deal with mental health issues every day.

The goal? Normalizing mental health and helping those with difficult conditions feel less alone. These and other essential objectives are accomplished in the following magazines about mental health:

1. Spirituality & Health

Chock full of actionable advice for handling stress or difficult emotions, Spirituality & Health encourages readers to live consciously. Drawing from both empirical research and ancient wisdom from numerous cultures, this magazine highlights various activities (such as meditation and yoga) that can promote mental wellness.

Columns such as the Soul of Therapy (penned by a psychotherapist) reveal the impact holistic practices can have on relationships, emotional well-being, and even physical health. This feature is a great resource for answering general mental health questions. Other content emphasizes the mind-body connection to encourage holistically addressing mental health

2. Prevention

As a far-reaching magazine dedicated to general health and wellness, Prevention includes many stories that illuminate mind-body issues. Interviews with celebrities are not just about promoting weight loss or following beauty ideals, but rather about discovering inner strength while finding the courage to be vulnerable.

Much of the content from this mental health publication has an uplifting feel, making it the perfect read when you need a boost. From research-backed therapeutic practices to meditation, you'll find plenty of information and motivation to help you make necessary changes and get your mental health on track

3. Health

Recipes and workout routines are heavily featured in Health, but this magazine also includes insight on emotional and spiritual wellness. In particular, features such as Live Healthy and Best Life Now have a lot to say about mental health concerns and how they can be addressed in day-to-day life. The tips and tricks found in these pieces may seem simple at first glance, but they can also prove quite powerful. Apply these insights to your life, and you may be surprised by how quickly your outlook changes.

4. Women's Health Advisor

While this publication can more accurately be referred to as a newsletter, it packs a lot of valuable content in its eight monthly pages. You can feel confident that the information is accurate, as Women's Health Advisorr is compiled by the Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

Concerns common among women over 50 are addressed in detail. Primary topics of interest include physical issues such as breast cancer and osteoarthritis. Beyond this, however, the newsletter provides exceptional mental health coverage, with the goal of keeping female readers as mentally sharp as they are physically healthy.

5. Men's Health Advisor

As the male-oriented version of the magazine detailed above, this publication provides a masculine perspective that will be helpful to those seeking targeted health content. This particular newsletter is made possible thanks to the respected Cleveland Clinic. Many articles highlight everyday strategies that can be implemented at a moment's notice to prompt quick physical and mental health improvements.

6. ADDitude

Dedicated to people diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (and their loved ones), this targeted magazine examines the many facets of life with ADHD. Depression and anxiety are common co-morbidities, so these are also covered in detail.

By building a community around people with ADHD, this mental health magazine reminds readers that they are not alone. It can be a huge source of comfort for anyone struggling with the challenges that ADHD brings to work, academia, and personal relationships.

Whether you are currently dealing with a diagnosable mental illness or simply want to establish healthier emotional practices, you can benefit greatly from reading mental health magazine articles. These might detail scientific research or provide lighthearted inspiration, but they'll be a significant source of comfort no matter their approach. The right mental health magazine subscriptions could completely transform your mindset, so don't wait to add them to your magazine itinerary.