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Latest issue of Coral Magazine

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About Coral Magazine

Coral Magazine is an aquatic-focused magazine for hobbyist and professional keepers of marine and reef aquariums. Learn about the world's most beautiful coral reefs, sea creatures, home aquariums and more from this award-winning source of information. Aquarium enthusiasts will love the educational and inspiring writing and photography in each issue from respected saltwater aquarists, marine scientists and reef biologists.

Coral Magazine includes diverse, expert editorial coverage for both home and professional aquarium keepers who are passionate about their systems and creatures, as well as the latest information, products, and services related to marine and reef aquariums.

Articles focus on reef fishes and invertebrate species, aquarium system design and technology, explorations of wild reefs, reef life rarities, interviews, aquarium profiles, hands-on aquarium care, feeding, husbandry, breeding of reef inhabitants, the science of reef aquaculture, tropical travel and discovery, thought-provoking news, technology updates and more.

Readers will also enjoy the world-class color photography of underwater life in every issue. Regular columns include Reefkeeping 101, Coral Sources (outstanding aquarium shops), Coralexicon (technical terms appearing in the issue), Advanced Aquatics and Reef Life.

This unique marine aquarium magazine and discover the art and beauty, as well as the technical and biological aspects of aquarium life. It's a brilliant read and a breathtaking visual experience!

Curious readers with a passion for the sea and its beautiful creatures, as well as novice to expert reef and marine aquarium keepers would love a subscription to CORAL Magazine! Stay inspired, informed and connected with the enthusiastic reef-keepers highlighted in each issue.