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If you have pet fish, you should consider a subscription to Coral magazine or Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine. Both magazines provide expert advice on caring for aquariums and aquarium fishes. Critics call Coral magazine “the world’s best reefkeeping magazine.” Written by leading marine biologists and aquarium experts, the magazine is filled with awe-inspiring pictures and ideas for both the beginner and expert aquarium owner.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist is another priceless resource for individuals who want to learn more about taking care of fish. The magazine covers how to care for freshwater and saltwater fish, how to properly maintain a home aquarium, and how to take care of aquatic plants. It’s also filled with the latest aquatic news, product reviews, and tips about filtration and fish selection.

If you have a snake, frog, lizard, turtle, or other pet reptile, you should consider subscribing to Reptiles magazine. The magazine is filled with in-depth articles about each species, breeding advice, and proper care techniques.

Individuals who have fish or reptiles will enjoy receiving one of our magazines.

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