Gluten-Free Living Magazine

Gluten-Free Living Magazine

Published Bi-Monthly 6 issues per year
Gluten-Free Living magazine is a lifestyle dedicated to helping people who need to follow a gluten-free diet. First published in 1995, the magazine offers practical advice, tips, and information on living a happy, healthy gluten-free life. More Info >>
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Additional Information

About Gluten-Free Living

Each bimonthly issue contains helpful information on how to decode mystery ingredients, recipes, and menus for anyone who must adhere to a gluten-free diet due to the symptoms or the diagnosis of Celiac disease. Each bimonthly issue is packed with essential reading about food labeling, ingredients, medical challenges, and lifestyle solutions.

Regular features found in every issue of Gluten-Free Living magazine include: "Family Matters," commentary from children and college kids on following the gluten-free lifestyle; "Quick and Easy Recipes," easy-to-cook gluten-free foods and meals; "Beyond Gluten-Free," five easy weeknight meals to meet all your dietary needs; "Office Hours," experts weigh in on reader-submitted questions and concerns; "Study Session," which shares results from the latest research studies regarding Celiac disease and gluten-free living; "Saving," tips for saving money, time, space, and more; "Travel," advice on everything from finding gluten-free restaurants on the road to maintaining your diet on vacation; "New for You," a spotlight on new gluten-free products; and "Kitchen Helps," how-to's on recipe shortcuts, substitutions, and more.

Throughout the year, the magazine may devote issues to holiday recipes or seasonal topics.

Anyone looking for a comprehensive resource on the gluten-free lifestyle would find it in a subscription to Gluten-Free Living magazine!
Issues Per Year: 6
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Publisher Name: Madavor Media

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