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When you're on the lookout for general interest magazines, there are several journal subscriptions you can learn from, including a range of topics from horse care and mindfulness. At, we have several magazines for general interests which can provide information to further a hobby, provide professional advice about new technologies or methods, and allow readers to slow down in our fast-paced world.

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More About General Interest Journal Subscriptions

Breathe Mindfulness Journal is a general interest journal subscription that provides calming exercises, activities, and information to help you de-stress, relieve your anxieties and worries, and become more mindful. This subscription is perfect when you need to center yourself in the present, providing space to write and work through exercise alongside beautiful illustrations.

For interesting information about the biology and history of horses, look at Life: Horses, a one-time publication that provides general information about horse care and horse breeds. If you want to inspire a new hobby or are looking for a collector's item as a hobbyist, this is a great general interest magazine subscription.

When you want to delve deeper into the knowledge and care of horses, whether for a hobby, caring for your horses, or out of professional interest, the American Farriers Journal is a fantastic subscription. Tailored for equine veterinarians, farriers, and the world of professional horse care, the journal has information about current products and technologies for horse care, as well as trending information and news for farriers and service buyers. Whether you're new to horse care or have been working as a professional for years, this subscription will keep you updated about the current state of horse care with eight issues a year.