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Are you looking for the largest selection of children's magazines dedicated to the elementary school years? Elementary school-aged children are unique. Their brains are like sponges that readily absorb new information and knowledge. Providing reading material focused on the elementary school-aged level is a great way to ensure your child remains engaged and interested in the world around them.

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In the elementary kids' category at, you'll find various subscription magazines on the subject matter that interest children of this age. There are elementary magazines about the unique challenges young girls face, articles centered on fun ways to learn, and content that teaches about exotic locales, fascinating creatures, and so much more. You'll also find perennial favorites like Highlights Magazine, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Girls' Life, and Scout Life. A subscription to one or more elementary kids magazines is a great way to offer year-round fun to the elementary school-aged child in your life!

Highlights Magazine has been a favorite of children for decades. The reason is clear. This magazine has something for kids of all ages throughout the elementary school years. Ranger Rick Magazine offers vicarious adventures to your future traveler. They'll learn about penguins in the Antarctic, iguanas in the desert, and so much more. Another ideal magazine for your nature-loving child is National Geographic Kids Magazine. Within these pages, your child will read about far-flung places and cultures around the world. If you would like to encourage sports or your elementary school-aged child is already interested in them, they'll love Sports Illustrated for Kids, a kid-friendly version of the traditional Sports Illustrated magazine, written in a way they'll understand. Have an older daughter or niece still in elementary school? They'll look forward to receiving the latest issues of Girls' World Magazine or Girls' Life Magazine. Both of these are filled with innocent gossip, plus tips on navigating growing up as a girl in today's world. Finally, both Zoobooks and Cricket Magazine make great gifts for the younger elementary school-aged child who is curious about the world and loves to read. If you're ready to immerse your child in some magazines with fun graphics, games, and more, start with our elementary magazine subscriptions today.