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Videomaker is the premier publication for both profession and hobby videographers. Each monthly issue helps individuals navigate from pre-production to post-production. The magazine gives tips and advice on how to plan, shoot, edit, and distribute various projects. Whether you’re planning a documentary, a short film, or a feature, you can find invaluable advice in each new issue of Videomaker magazine. Videomaker also reviews the latest equipment and technology for beginners and experts alike. Individuals who are interested in the world of video and film will enjoy a subscription to Videomaker magazine.

Mix is the perfect option for individuals who are interested in sound production and professional recording. Each magazine covers audio for music, film, and video as well as product reviews and recording tips. Individuals who are interested in professional sound recording will enjoy a subscription to Mix magazine.

Whether you are a novice or expert, you’ll enjoy a subscription to one of our audio and video magazines. Peruse our website for current deals and discounts on audio and video magazines. You’re sure to find a magazine that will help fuel your passion!