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If you’re a dedicated Mac user, you’ll enjoy each monthly issue of Macworld. Founded in 1984, Macworld is the largest Mac-oriented magazine in print today. Each issue features news, tips, reviews, and information from Apple’s leading experts. Readers can look forward to thorough product reviews, distinctive analysis, and breaking news in each issue. Other features include recommendations on performance enhancement, articles about the newest operating systems and features, and an insider’s look at the most recent apps. The magazine also covers iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Individuals who want to maximize their Mac’s productivity will enjoy a subscription to Macworld.

If PCs are the name of your game, you’ll look forward to a subscription to MaximumPC. The monthly publication gives readers in-depth coverage of the latest news, models, and reviews. The magazine also features reviews, new products, and ways to improve performance. If you want to utilize your PC’s full capacity, you will enjoy a subscription to MaximumPC.

Whether you’re a computer programmer or just someone who enjoys technology, you’ll benefit from a subscription to one of our computer and internet magazines. Check out the current deals and discounts available on our website. You’re sure to find a computer and internet magazine that will educate and inform you!