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Do you have a special area in your garage carved out for your woodworking projects? Is your bedroom hanging on by a thread because of your expanding sewing area? Do you lie in bed awake at night dreaming of new creative ideas? If so, check out the craft magazines for adults available at You'll find arts and crafts magazines on sewing, woodworking, painting, and more!

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Whatever kind of sewing you're into, you'll find the best crafts magazines at Quilters will love Quick & Easy Quilts Magazine, with its many quilting blocks ideas and inspiring images submitted by quilters around the country. Also, make sure to get a craft magazine subscription to McCall's Quilting Magazine, too. Here, you'll read about things like the important differences between various fabrics and how to add texture to your quilts. If you're looking for ways to brush up on your watercolor techniques, subscribe to a craft magazine like Watercolor Artist Magazine and discover the latest tools that will bring your paintings to a whole new level. For woodworkers, a crafting magazine like Fine Woodworking Magazine can help you bring out the luster in all your carpentry projects. Plus, craft magazine subscriptions like DOLLS Magazine are perfect as gifts for anyone interested in learning how valuable antique dolls are. And if you're someone who likes to give homemade gifts, draw inspiration from the pages of Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine, where you'll be able to see how you can craft your own colognes, silk flowers, and more for gifting or decorating your own home. If you prefer to craft using materials found in nature, you'll adore Beckett Rock & Gem Magazine, where you'll not only see new ways to use rocks and gems in your jewelry and home decor crafts but find out where to source the best materials for your work. Don't miss out on the crafts magazines at They are sure to inspire you to create in new ways you can only imagine!