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Are you looking for a magazine written entirely in Japanese, Spanish, French, or German? Are you searching for an ethnic magazine publication that reflects your unique culture? Do you want to read a non-English magazine to immerse yourself in the language you're learning or the one you grew up with? Browse our foreign language magazine subscriptions to fully immerse yourself in things like Spanish art, French photography, and more.

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More About Non-English Titles Magazine Subscriptions

If you're looking for a Spanish language magazine on art and culture, ArtNexus (Spanish Edition) is an essential cultural magazine for information on Latin American and Hispanic art. You'll be sure to find the insights you're looking for through its reviews, information, and photography about current Hispanic art trends. Plus, you can stay informed about Latin America's current and contemporary art scene, hone your Spanish-speaking skills, and learn more about the culture while reading in your native language. Whether you're an art collector, an art dealer, or just interested in the art culture of the region, this is the subscription for you.

Searching for a French language magazine about culture and lifestyle? Give France-Amerique Magazine a try! As the only bilingual magazine publication bridging the gap between French and American cultures, this magazine provides a window to the French-American cultural scene. If you're looking for a way to refine your understanding of French or want to fall back into your native language, this magazine brings interesting discussions and think-pieces for you to peruse, as well as stunning photography. Whether you want to learn more about the French culture in America or want to immerse yourself in the French language, this is the magazine has it all.

Individuals who speak Spanish, French, and other languages fluently will enjoy a subscription to a magazine in their native tongue. Just as well, people trying to master a foreign language will love the opportunity to receive a magazine written entirely in that language, as well as learn more about the culture, history, and more. Explore today to find the latest deals and discounts on select non-English magazines. You're sure to find a foreign language magazine publication perfect for you.