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Are you looking for a magazine written entirely in Japanese, Spanish, or German? Are you searching for a publication that reflects your unique culture? If so, you’ll enjoy a subscription to one of our non-English titles.

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More About Non-English Titles Magazines

People en Espanol is one of our most popular Spanish-only magazines. Centered around Hispanic celebrities, the magazine keeps readers informed about their favorite stars.

NYLON Japan is a popular fashion and lifestyle magazine. Monthly issues revolve around beauty, fashion, and culture. Whether you want to learn more about the best Japanese movies and music or the greatest beauty tricks, you’ll enjoy asubscription to NYLON Japan.

Individuals who speak Japanese, Spanish, and other languages fluently will enjoy a subscription to a magazine in their native tongue. People who are trying to master a foreign language will relish the opportunity to receive a magazine written entirely in that language. Peruse our website to find the latest deals and discounts on select magazines. You’re sure to find a publication that is perfect for you.