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Do you love keeping up with the latest hairstyles? Are you a hairstylist who wants to stay informed about the newest trends in the industry? If so, you’ll want to subscribe to one of our hairstyle magazines!

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More About Hairstyle Magazines

The bi-monthly Perfect Hair publication has separate sections devoted to different hair colors, textures, and lengths. Full-color photos display what each new haircut would look like from a myriad of angles. Perfect Hair is an invaluable resource for individuals trying to visualize what a hairstyle will look like before they get it cut.

Hype Hair bills itself as the #1 hair magazine for women of color. Since its inception in 1992, the publication has covered the most flattering hairstyles and biggest beauty trends. The publication also reviews the best new products to try.

Several of our other fashion magazines, such as Allure and InStyle, have special sections devoted to hairstyles. If you want to know how celebrities are getting their hair cut and styled, you’ll enjoy a subscription to one of those magazines.

Whether you work at a salon or are looking for suggestions on the best cuts and styles for your hair, you’ll enjoy a subscription to one of our hairstyle magazines. Check out the current deals and discounts available on our website. You’re sure to find a magazine that you’ll love!