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If you're in the mood for something that will make you laugh every month, a subscription to a good humor magazine might be just the thing for you. Comedy magazines will make you smile with every read, brightening your day by giving you the humor you can't get anywhere else. Considering signing up for one or more funny magazine subscriptions? Add a little more comedy to your life, and browse our library of options.

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Are you looking for some humorous magazines to make you laugh even when life gets hard? Well, you're in luck because we have comedy magazines for you! Whether you enjoy funny comics, political satire, or funny interviews, a good humor magazine can make you smile about anything, no matter the content. After all, what's more fun than stopping to laugh at society, politics, relatable jokes, wacky stories, and cartoons? No humor fan's magazine subscription is complete without a subscription to one or more humor magazines to keep things funny regardless of what's happening in your life.

If you're a fan of political satire in particular, you should check out Humor Times Magazine. A political satire in print since 1991, this magazine looks at modern culture, politics, celebrities, and other topics to poke fun at them and make you wonder - why take everything so seriously, anyway? Comedy fans of all political inclinations can stop and laugh at themselves and the world around them, and the addition of non-political comics and jokes keeps everything light-hearted. If the world seems too dark nowadays, Humor Times Magazine is a great comedy magazine for when you need a little levity to get you out of your funk. After all, isn't that what any good humor magazine is for?

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