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Did you know reading is quite popular among inmates, with many correctional facilities and prisons throughout the country featuring well-used libraries? With limited recreational and educational opportunities available in prison or jail, a favorite magazine subscription from can represent a prized treasure to many inmates.

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More About Inmate Interests Magazine Subscriptions

Inmates have a large range of interests, just like any other person, so deciding what sort of inmate magazine subscriptions to buy can be challenging. A good place to start is with interests shared by many. For example, you might consider a tattoo magazine subscription for inmates like Inked Magazine or classic car magazines. If you want something a little broader and less specialized, Men's Health is an excellent resource for lots of interests shared by men around the world, and it's not only about health as the name suggests. Smithsonian is another iconic magazine that is attractive to a wide range of readers, particularly anyone fascinated by science or history.

Be sure to browse all the great categories on the website to find the perfect reading material for the inmate in your life. The gift of a magazine subscription can be an extremely meaningful gesture for someone who is away and serving time. Receiving thoughtful incoming mail and engaging with the high-quality writing and photography in a world-class publication ordered from is sure to bring them comfort and distraction when things are difficult.