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Life as a teenager can be challenging. Between academic expectations, social life, and planning for the future, it can be hard to find the space to discover who you really are. Many teens want to stay up to date on current trends, celebrity gossip, gaming information, or sports news. However, searching the internet isn't always the most secure or appropriate way to get information. Luckily, magazines about teen life can help.

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More About Teen Life Magazine Subscriptions

Our selection of magazines about teen life allows your teen to dive into their interests no matter what they may be. Magazine subscriptions are a great way to learn more about their favorite topics and discover new interests. When you subscribe to teen life magazines, they are delivered on a regular schedule, so they will always have the latest information on the topics you care about most in an easily readable format.

Teen life magazines allow teens and young adults to connect with and relate to their peers through age-appropriate content. From fashion to sports to lifestyle tips, there is a teen life magazine subscription for every interest. Teens with all hobbies and interests can explore their topics of choice in a format that you as the parent can trust is appropriate and interesting.

If you're a parent looking for alternatives to screen time, we have you covered. Whether your teen wants celebrity gossip through J-14, fashion advice and trends from Girls' Life, or the latest news and updates on sports with Sports Illustrated Kids, our subscription options allow them to explore their interests and provide a fun, mature way to relax and unwind.