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Weddings are one of the most special times of your life. But when it comes to planning, things can get a little hectic. Whether you're a bridal planner, you're engaged, or you're just dreaming of ideas for when the time comes, we have bridal and wedding magazines that will get you even more excited for your special day. At, we have magazines full of fun centerpieces, stunning dresses, and beautiful bouquets. By subscribing to one of our wedding planning magazines, you'll find ideas and excitement throughout your planning process.

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More About Bridal & Weddings Magazine Subscriptions

At, we have magazines for everyone. If you're looking for a bridal and wedding magazine, we've got you covered.

You don't have to be a bride to have a bridal magazine subscription. The best bridal magazines offer something for everyone involved in the wedding, whether they're the mother of the bride or the bridesmaid. Bridal Guide does an amazing job at providing the latest wedding trends for everyone involved while also discussing common pieces of planning like the budget, the honeymoon, and more.

Weddings come along with many complicated aspects, and sometimes advice is more than needed when planning. A bridal magazine has more than just photos of dresses, but helpful tips for common obstacles and amazing ideas for DIY planners. Whether you are the bride herself or the maid of honor, a bridal magazine has amazing information and ideas for anyone who is a part of a wedding. Subscribe to our bridal and wedding magazines to help make any wedding a dream come true.

Wondering the best wedding magazine? We recommend trying a subscription with Bridal Guide, a popular publication that shares advice, ideas, and anything else you might need to know when planning a wedding.