Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Published Seasonally 11 issues per year

Outdoor Photographer is a photography magazine that brings together the great outdoors and how to capture it through photography. With advice on techniques and equipment as well as stunning photos of landscapes and wildlife, it's a practical guide infused with beautiful inspiration.

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About Outdoor Photographer

Written by the best of the best in landscape, wildlife, sports and travel photography, Outdoor Photographer has the information photographers need to take great photos on all of their outdoor adventures whether they're a pro or just starting out. It's full of tips for improving photography and choosing the best equipment for each unique outdoor excursions. And with destination recommendations as well as photos from both well-known photographers and fellow readers, it's sure to inspire readers to get out there and take some great shots.

Outdoor Photographer is organized into several regular sections, including: "Features," which is an in-depth features on topics like a photographer's career, an exotic photographic adventure, a featured trip or destinations for capturing amazing outdoor photos; "How-To," which offers advice from the experts on topics like photography techniques and capturing nature's true colors in photos; and, "Equipment," a section of reviews on cameras, lenses, accessories, bags, gear and everything needed for outdoor photography.

Outdoor Photographer also publishes several amazing special issues throughout the year. Special topics include complete features on renowned photographers, breathtaking locations like National Parks and fall color destinations, as well as issues devoted to special techniques like the "Black & White" issue. Annual issues include the landscape issue, "Holiday Buyer's Guide," and "Editors' Picks."

For anyone who loves capturing the beauty of the outdoors in stunning photographs, Outdoor Photographer is the magazine to help get amazing shots and inspire passion.

Issues Per Year: 11
Estimated Delivery: 6-12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Seasonally
Publisher Name: Madavor Media

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