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If you are a photographer, videographer, or filmmaker, photography magazine subscriptions are a must to keep up with the latest techniques, technologies, and trendsetters. Whether your photography level is amateur, you are a student, it is a job on the side, or it is your full-time professional career, we have the best selection of magazines for photographers.

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Photography can be so much more than pictures. It is a means of visual communication. It can document the best moments of someone's life or be the epitome of high-class art. Magazines about photography discuss all these topics and help anyone learn more or advance in the industry. They can advise you on how to put together a portfolio and where the highest-rated photography and filmmaking schools are.

Aperture Magazine is famous for combining writing with beautiful photography. This publication takes a deep dive into artistic visions and photographic portfolios. It is the perfect publication for the photographer who wants to go deeper into their art projects than just pictures alone.

If you are a photographer, visual artist, marketer, or anything in between, then Communication Arts Magazine is the perfect publication to enhance your hobby or career. With articles written by trendsetters in the industry and in-depth interviews with leading photographers around the world, this magazine will keep you up-to-date with the latest photography and visual communication trends.

If videomaking is more your style, Videomaker Magazine may be the perfect photography magazine subscription for you. This magazine gives the novice and more experienced alike tips, tricks, and best practices for all things related to video production.

If you are a professional, amateur, or aspiring photographer, browse magazines for photographers at to take your photography to the next level.