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If healthy eating is a priority for you, consider subscribing to Cooking Light. The monthly magazine highlights healthier, reduced-fat versions of popular dishes. The magazine strives to provide readers with healthier recipe options without sacrificing taste. Popular sections include a week’s worth of recipes along with the necessary list of ingredients, recipes that kids can prepare, and food and wine pairing advice.

Exercise is another key component of healthy living. The women’s magazine Fitness is filled with articles on fitness, weight loss, and emotional health. Men’s Fitness is filled with tips on staying fit and looking great. Yoga enthusiasts will enjoy a subscription to Yoga Journal, a health magazine with information about the physical and spiritual benefits that occur through the practice of yoga.

Whether you are an ardent proponent of healthy living or someone who is trying to develop a healthier lifestyle, you’ll enjoy a subscription to one of our healthy living magazines. Check out our current deals and discounts on select healthy living magazines. You’re sure to find something that will enable you to maintain a healthier, happier lifestyle.