6 Cookie Magazines to Read this Holiday Season

There are many different holiday traditions, but nothing is quite as nostalgic or tasty as baking - and eventually, chowing down on - holiday cookies. From classic gingerbread to fresh twists on old favorites, there are plenty of opportunities to load up on delicious treats during December. These make your home smell wonderful and your holiday spread look extra cheerful.

Unfortunately, it's often surprisingly difficult to find details on how to successfully bake the best cookies. As such, baking novices find that their results fall far short of their expectations. Experienced bakers also struggle, as their typical recipes eventually feel stale.

These problems can be avoided simply by browsing the best cookie magazines. Yes, cookbooks can be helpful, but they can't quite capture the delight of viewing gorgeous photography or leisurely browsing the latest recipes.

From long-term subscriptions to special edition publications, there are more than enough resources to go around. The best magazines will provide ideas for new types of cookies to try and techniques that make any type of cookie look and taste heavenly.

This year, begin your cookie-baking expedition with these top magazines:

Bake from Scratch

Exclusively dedicated to the art and science of baking, this cookie magazine has everything you need for a sweet-filled holiday season. Its featured cookies are as visually impressive as they are delicious, so you'll definitely want to browse this magazine if you're on the hunt for eye-catching party ideas.

Even if you plan on enjoying cookie creations all on your own, you'll appreciate all the innovations found in this niche magazine. Along the way, you'll pick up invaluable tips on tools and ingredients, which you can put to excellent use throughout the year.


Allrecipes is a wonderful digital resource, but what if you want your baking advice in print? Thankfully, a magazine version is available. This print publication is chock full of excellent recipes submitted by Allrecipes users and vetted by experts.

In December, a variety of mouthwatering cookie recipes take over, along with helpful tips to ensure that each batch tastes as amazing as the magazine pictures look. Every issue pays homage to the home cooks who prove that the best cookies can be created in the humblest of settings.

Cooking Light

Who says Christmas cookies need to be not so great for you? While there's a lot to love about buttery, sugar-filled indulgences, healthier options are available. These are discussed in detail in the December edition of Cooking Light, which show how to recreate all your favorites with fewer calories. You'll learn that you don't need to compromise flavor for the sake of your diet. What's more, you'll discover recipes that accommodate your dietary restrictions or your guests' diets.

Better Homes & Gardens

A classic compilation of advice for all aspects of holiday hosting and celebrating, Better Homes & Gardens provides all the insight you need on decorating, cooking, and more. During December, this beloved magazine is a go-to resource for baking, although there is also advice about shopping and managing holiday stress.

Cookie recipes can be found within the typical December issue and in special editions exclusively dedicated to holiday cookies. If you want a recipe-oriented magazine that goes beyond cookies, you can also count on the annual volume of Christmas Cooking from the Heart, which provides all the ideas you could possibly need to impress holiday party guests.

Southern Living

Bring down-home sensibilities to your cookie-baking traditions with help from the popular magazine Southern Living. Every winter, this favorite breathes new life into iconic traditions. As you page through the December issue, you'll learn how to make your cookies both exciting and comforting. Like Better Homes & Gardens, this esteemed publication regularly releases special editions that focus entirely on the delight of baking Christmas cookies.

Taste of Home

Get the whole family in on Christmas baking with help from Taste of Home. This family-friendly magazine provides a variety of accessible recipes that even baking novices can master. The instructions are always easy to follow - and the pictures are fun to browse.

Cookies are an obvious area of emphasis in the magazine's holiday edition, but there are also fun ideas for baking thematic cakes or even a tasty babka. You'll also learn to present these and other creations in their best light as you host the ultimate holiday party.

Build on your favorite baking traditions with help from today's best cookie magazines. You'll love reading these publications as much as you love sampling the cookies they highlight. With the right magazine and an openness to new ideas, you'll quickly find that baking cookies can be just as remarkable as the final product.